Shameless plug for my B-day


Today is my Birthday!!! I am 47 years young and still have a controller in my hand!!


Birthday stream?!


There you go Droul!!! Congrats wish you all the best.
Don’t worry about holding the controller :video_game: in your hand. As long you fill healthy and fill young you just enjoy the life :slight_smile:


Never not! :video_game:


happy bday!


Happy Birthday Droul! :smiley: I hope you enjoy a big slice of cake and play a good video game. :birthday:


Happy Birthday buddy! Eat well and have fun today! :cake:


Happy birthday Droul! :smiley: :smiley: Hope you have an amazing day!


Happy birthday @droul


Happy birthday! :smiley:


happy birthday!


I just might have to do a birthday stream tonight…we did all the celebrating over the weekend so i do have the time :smile:



Happy birthday to one of the best EZ PZ players in Strats. :smiley: Thanks for all of your help in game, and for being a great guy. Here’s to a great birthday.


Happy Birthday Droul!!! :smile:
We’re only 2 days apart…I turn 47 Thursday lol.


happy birthday man, have a good one


Quick @Droul, what is your preferred icecream and cake flavors?


Happy Birthday man


Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice cream and Lemon cake.


Wtf man? Together?