Share your builds



Share your Build!

I’d like to see what builds you guys are using. Maybe it will help some people figure out which abilities translate well to late game and give some ideas for tweaks on certain builds.

I’m only lvl 16 atm but I’ll share my current build which is Heal/Support Dragonknight using Resto Staff with a 2H Melee weapon swap for soloing

[ESO] Friday Feature Build

Is that the build you took into Banished Cells last night?

I don’t have a pic, but here is my VR14 Sorcerer that I like to call “Zappy”.

Bar 1: Destruction Staff
1 Inner Light (Higher crit chance)
2 Force Pulse (Bread and butter damage, causes Crystals Fragments to instant)
3 Liquid Lightning (High damage AOE, good for bosses)
4 Bound Aegis (better armor so I can wear light for the benefits to Magicka)
5 Crystal Fragments (procs as instant cast, high damage)
U Shooting Star (Really heavy hitting AOE over time)

Bar 2: Destruction Staff
1 Inner Light
2 Mages Wrath (Used against low health enemies)
3 Power Surge ( yet more power)
4 Bound Aegis
5 Elemental RIng (burning AOE)
U Energy Overload (gives back Magicka and hits hard)

As this point in the game, I have just about every passive.
This build uses bar 2 mostly to buff just before a fight. I keep the Inner Light and Bound Aegis on both so they don’t go away if I switch bars. With food, I have about 18K in health and 24K in Magicka. Has to kite fights, but hits like a truck.


Awesome Build.
and yes, that is the build I was using last night when @YAS and I did Banished Cells.


Im trying this


So you’re a Vamp eh?
Good balanced damage build. I like it.


I was listening in to see if you guys could finish with two good players and the random guy that seemed to like to die a lot. I was going to offer to jump in if it wasn’t finishable, but my AD characters are the VR14 Sorc “Zappy” or my VR4 Dragonknight tank. It would have basically been a walkthrough, but that last fight can be nasty. You could tell you were experienced by the way you would grind through, picking out one target to take out first, so if the party wiped, you could come back and face less of them.
I have a Templar and a Nightblade too, but they are from the other two alliances. I hope they add the ability to switch Alliances to the Crown Store. The Devs said they were looking into that possibility. I basically have two Stamina Builds (Dragonknight tank and Nightblade DPS) and two Magicka builds (Sorcerer dps and Templar healer). The new meta seems to be avoiding hybrid builds, as damage and healing scale often off of max Stamina or Magicka.


Yeah, it wasn’t too bad. That is a pretty solid healing build as long as the group stays (somewhat) in close proximity to each other.


Not a vamp yet. Have to level up my NB first


Im also making a healer/destro sorc.


That’s the big thing, sticking together. My Templar is VR2 and wanted to cross Fungal Grotto off the list, so did it with 3 players who were in the 18th level range. Should have been an incredibly easy time, but they insisted on running in different directions, pulling more than one mob at once, and standing in red circles and cones without moving. You can have the most awesome build, but if your team goes all Leroy Jenkins in a group dungeon, it’s gonna be tough.
My Templar has so much Magicka, they can spam heals of various sorts while operating as somewhat of a tank. I sword and board, holding block while spamming heals to the others which heals me too. I took every blocking passive I could, so blocking is really cheap on stamina and mitigates a lot of the damage. My character can actually stay in red zones if it keeps the enemy busy so the rest of the team can pile on a target. That was my concept for the character when I was building it, and it seems to work. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, but that isn’t its role. Jack of all trades doesn’t work very well. It makes soloing slow, as it takes a long time to clear a mob, but since its hard to kill, it just grinds. I ran into another similar Templar randomly in a dungeon, and we just would stand in place, spamming heals while swinging swords. Cleared the whole dungeon without having either of us ever dip below 80% health.




Another note on builds for how I set them up is that I tend to put toggle abilities on spaces 1 and 4, just because on my MMO mouse, those are hard to accidentally hit. I use some sort of commonly used attack on 2 and an AOE or high damage ability on 5. I finish off the bar by putting something I occasionally use on 3. Putting the same sorts of abilities in the same spots regardless of character makes it easier to remember what to do in the middle of a fight. Otherwise it gets really confusing to me.


Can anyone tell me why we only have 5 plus 1 ultimate slots?


It just seems to be common in MMOs. My Razer Naga MMO mouse has 6 buttons in a circle on the left side. They must have determined that is the most that the average player can handle, although my other gaming mouse has 12 buttons on the left. It forces players to make choices with their builds. I tend to have a toggle ability or two, which means it takes up space on both weapon bars. I have everything related to my characters role. I like to have some sort of gap closer, some sort of heal, some sort of high damage, some sort of AOE, and mix in other things with those. I typically use the 2nd weapon bar for pre-fight buffs or abilities I may use but may not.


oh i have that mouse too lol. oh ok just new to me theres all these abilities i want to try but dont want it to affect my dps. im nightblade btw going for a similar build to @Biff_Tannen


I think for one thing it is to limit space used by the UI as ESO is going for minimilistic UI all around. As well as create a sense of variety in builds that players are using, allowing each player to bring something unique to the group.

If all players could use all or even most of the abilities available then no build would really differ from any other.


One of the things that I like is that you can level a skill just by having it on the active bar while you use other skills. I have my “optimal build” that I use when grouped, and when I am soloing, I put 3 skills on the bar that I am not necessarily using but want to level. My first priority is to completely max the level on my skills for my best build, then get others maxed up that I may switch to if my character build concept changes. By the time you get all the skyshards and quests, you have so many skill points that you can max out just about any skill you would really use.


Kind of like in Skyrim, where you could max out every single skill in the game and be godlike. I kept making potions to make armor more effective in its abilities, then make armor that made potions more effective, going back and forth until I finally made a suit of armor that made the most expensive damage spell in the game practically free to cast and keep burning indefinitely. I went into the final main story fight of the game, held both mouse buttons down to cast the zappy beam and just held it down until the main baddie died. It was actually kinda boring at that point.


Thats true i havent done much group stuff yet so i guess ill see what i need when i get up to that.


Good tip!!