Shenanigans in Minecraft



The Minecraft servers aren’t completely dead, and crazy things are still going on in fact today @T_T11223 AKA Nightbot and myself were working on a fishing area and Nightbot needed to go get some sheep wool and he went over to @Droul sheep farm to get wool but found out that oh yeah the area player protected and Nightbot couldn’t get the wool but he found out to late and got stuck in the fencing and couldn’t get out. We tried starving him, poisoning him, but he wouldn’t die so we got Droul to come to the rescue but we got a Skeleton to shoot him first but thanks to Droul we got Night stuff and the wool we needed.

So if your available come back onto the Minecraft server and join in the occasional Shenanigans


I try to stop by every once in a while I’m just sleeping during the day now (because my sleeping schedule is messed up) and can’t ever stop by when someone is on. Plus it’s just hard for me to play vanilla minecraft anymore because I’m so spoiled with mods and stuff but if I find things to do and get use to it and have people to play with I’d stop by more but like I said I sleep during the day. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully soon I’ll be able to fix that and I’ll be able to hang out with some of yall and get back into vanilla.


Would love to stop by sometime. What time of day / time zone is most likely to see you guys in there?


I haven’t played Minecraft in forever but I’d be down to get back into it!


Too many games…so little time :confused:

I got off my minecrack addiction so afraid to get back into it.


The time zone would be around 17:00-18:00 to 21:00-22:00 Eastern


It really depends on the day, I usually get on why I wait for video to render and such but that usually on my days off so I’m off and on the servers from 3:00 to 8:00