Sherpa Reward Thread



Whatcha Get?

Please let us know what you got from our Sherpa Service. This keeps us going in our mission to help the community and give us hope of getting these rewards ourselves. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please use this post to present your screenshots of your sweet loot. Make sure to post with the Reward screen to show off your new swag.

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No screenshot, but I got 9 strange coins from doing the weekly nightfall. Thanks again guys.


I sherpa’ed myself through Nightfall this week and got my first legendary rocket launcher, Unfriendly Giant. Coolio. My services are available on XBOX1: Tourmalet.


I’ll grab the screenshot next time. Got a buttload of shards and strange coins from Nightfall and VoG! :smiley:


I got a new PLan C.


Nice find!


Somebody has to Sherpa me to work tomorrow. @JohnOnTheRocks and I will be working 9am-10pm tomorrow (after doing so last few days) but he just quit on me during our weekly 30 heroic attempt at killing that witch (it is 2am).

Motion to boot @JohnOnTheRocks from the community. Takers?


You will thank me tonight at 8pm when the struggle at work gets real lol


Didn’t grab any screenies, dangit. Did the Nightfall, the daily, seven bounties, and the Weekly on hard. @alucard alucard1979 showed for the last bit of the weekly, thanks so much again! My drops:
Two pair legendary boots, both sharded
The Chosen, void sniper rifle with armor piercing perk. Let me shard my LDR 5001, which didn’t have armor piercing.
The Conduit, pulse rifle.Not as good as my Time on Target or Bad Juju, so it got sharded.
Maxed out my new Voidfang Vestments, got my gloves almost there, and a myriad of weapon upgrades. I need Helium Filaments so bad.

But the best thing was I added about 10 people to my friends list, many of them Strats folk.


I sherpa’d a couple random guys through nightfall today. One dude pulled Heart of Praxic Fire exotic chest piece (jealous!). I pulled The Chosen, and the other guys got a legendary engram.


Sherpa’d two more guys today, one from Strats @Ronald_Miller. I got 10 ascendant shards, other strats guy got a legendary engram, and the third guy (from Dads of Destiny) got 6 strange coins. Maybe one of the weakest drops I’ve seen, but whatevs.


Nice job! Get some screen shots to rep!


jwilphl and I ran the Daily yesterday, and the Nighfall and Weekly twice each. We sherpa’d my friend lumberjapp, and one of jwilphl’s alts. Lumber and Wil also helped me complete my Thorn bounty!

I got an LDR 5001 which I dismantled, and some exotic titan boots which I dismantled to complete my Claws of Ahamkara. I got my Thorn woot woot!
jwilphl got a Truth, which he said was to be dismantled.
Best of all, lumberjapp got a titan helmet which he needed to help him to 30.

Great runs, great people, the Nightfall and Weekly are awesome to run this week.


XBOX1 surprisingly does not offer a screen shot feature yet, maybe in 2015. I guess I could take one off of my phone and post up though. Will try that next round.


I had not been in Destiny for a few weeks and needed some help “getting over the mountain”. Thanks to @Joey_coz being my Sherpa. His services, along with the assistance of @DanceBurgerDance and @spredhed, helped my get back in the game. The loot was pretty awesome too!


glad i could help you out getting all that!