Sherpa Update

Strats Sherpa Service Update

Welcome everyone. As you all know, we try to help out members of the Destiny community every Tuesday. This allows us to meet new people, promote the clan, and gain new members. Every week I have a ton of fun running new people through content. Our sherpa service has been great and brought in many new members such as @James_Eilers and @Fyrefly21. We would love to bring in more contributing members and grow this event to reach more guardians, but how do we do that? There are three points that I would like to cover in this update that will allow us to move this project forward. These are what content to run, tracking helped climbers, and rewarding helpful Sherpas.

What Mountain?

Every Tuesday Destiny resets. This give player an opportunity to run through the weekly content again. The question is, what content should we help people through? The Nightfall gives great rewards and XP bonuses, but takes time to run through. The weekly takes time and only gives coins (lets be real). The last option that I would like your opinion on is the new raid. With the ability to solo most of the raid, we could run larger groups through 4/5 rewards of CE. This would allow us to better market our event and let us run them through faster (depending on the Nightfall). What is your opinion on this? Keep Nightfalls or try to get through the raid?

No Man Gets Left Behind

We currently have no way of tracking who has and has not been helped every week. This can create holes in the system where people don’t get ran through at all. This makes us look bad and we might miss out on a great member. To ensure people are being ran through I would like each Strats Sherpa to post a picture of the people they have ran through to the Sherpa Reward Thread, at the reward screen (Nightfall) or take a group shot (Raid). This will allow us to take tally and help Sherpas not waste their time tracking down people that have already went through.

Why Should I Help?

What do you mean? The Sherpa Service is a great way to meet new friends and promote this community. From now on we will be logging every person that you bring through. We will keep these tallies using the screen shots that you provide. It will be announced when it’s ready, but we are working on an incentive for your troubles. We want to make sure that all are enjoying the Sherpa event and looking forward to making it bigger. Feel free to ask any question or give your opinion on the matter. We are here to create content for you and want to hear what you have to say.


I’m down brother you know I’m an expert in that raid shiz I got it all day long just have them message me

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I think more people would jump on here for the raid rewards.

I agree with you on that

Is the post up? Me and Drizz are around now to sherpa but I could not find it on reddit

Could you put it up? I’m on my phone at work. I normally put it up later, but today would probably be better earlier.

Edit: never mind I might be able to do it.

Let me know. If you need me to do it I can just need the template to do it. Copy and paste it from a previous post? Copy and Paste it from the forum post?

Could you copy a search for it? I can’t get a search link on my phone.