Shipping a PC across the globe


So I shipped my PC from San Francisco to London. I fully expected it to be destroyed when it arrived but it doesn’t look that bad.

It was $320 from UPS to ship the slowest option of about 2 weeks. In the UK, I received a letter telling me that I owed customs fees before I could have it delivered. That was another $450.

The box looked relatively goodupon arrival. There was a ding in the side. The odd part was the tape was missing from the bottom like it had been opened.

After pulling the case out, I spotted some external damage. This crack on top:

And some bent screws:

This lead me to believe that maybe they opened up the case. That seems crazy.

Inside though, the SSD tray was not snapped in. It doesn’t seem like it would come off unless someone took it off. Who knows though.

The other side seemed to be in order. I had stuffed bubble wrap between the GPU cards to keep them from flexing the PCIe slots and that seemed to work well. I also wrapped my Elgato HD60 Pro in there for safe keeping.

The only thing I could find out of order inside the main compartment was the SLI bridge. I’m not sure how it could have dislodged since it fits on pretty snug. Could this be another sign someone was inside looking around? If so, at least they put the bubble wrap back in place nicely.

I won’t know for sure if everything works until I get a monitor and hook everything up.

to be continued…


@Vocino - Get shipping insurance? (which I still thing is the biggest scam ever)


@Vocino Its Europe, the often open packages with too much electronic parts.


As long as it boots I won’t complain. :smile:


Hehe yeah! Once leaving Germany, i had a small radio with battery. They told me to put it to work or leave it there lol.


@Bradum I didn’t get insurance because I was only able to get it for the first leg. They didn’t insure it with UK customs. So I figured why bother, there’s no way to prove when damage took place.


@Vocino - Probably a good call… Because even if you got it and it got damaged in the first leg, they’d probably claim it got damaged in the 2nd, and you’d have no proof of anything…


Have to disagree there, just for the sake of being a forwarder myself. For you as customer its kinda easy to claim a damage to your goods. Just open it up before you sign the shipping document. If there is a damage you can note it there and talk to the insurance later.

But well, if it runs that’s all that counts. But usually I would always fully insure you goods. Especially if you send them as consolidated goods, which UPS does.

PS: Oh and one last thing … don’t use UPS in the EU. They suck.


I hope it boots! The dings in the case just add character to the PC😎


Not that I have much experience, but it doesn’t seem odd they’d open the package up and take a better look inside. Having watched far too many episodes of Border Security for my own good, they’re always opening up boxes with electronics inside - more so if they have any loose components.

What I don’t understand is why you had to pay a duty or whatever it was on something you already owned…


Good point…


Good looking rig! Hope everything works out


Yea custom’s will go through your shit, that’s why if I plan to go anywhere I’m gonna take my ssd and some other parts on my carry on lmao