Should I get a RAZER Blade?


Laptop Magazine just did a comparison with a MacBook Pro:

I’ve watched the Blade get new features and upgrades over the last couple years. Considering I’m so mobile right now, it’s hard to really set up a solid PC gaming rig. Maybe it’s time for me to enter the gaming laptop market?



In terms of gaming laptops, the only brand I’ve ever owned was an MSI a several years ago. The thing was a beast (both in size and power) and served me well for a few years. I don’t know much about the Razer Blade other than what I just read, but as long as you don’t buy an Alienware laptop (I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t had an issue with them) I won’t judge you :wink:


I just looked at the Asus ROG laptops and they look very similar. I might have to check those out when I’m not mobile and do a real comparison.

I really like Asus products and they already have an external desktop GPU housing I could pair with it.


I feel like gaming laptop is an oxymoron.

Actually I have no personal experience with a laptop of any kind; I’ve always been a desktop user. I didn’t even own a tablet until a year ago.

Can they fit a sound card into a laptop? :poop:


Why fit one in when you can carry one with you? :wink:


I’m shipping one to him on Monday.

Edit - Easy to install, it replaces low quality on-board audio with high quality connectivity options. This quote right here should prove to everyone that sound cards are superior.


I know it’s not fun to wait, but rumors on the internet are that they’re going to be putting full desktop GTX 1070 and 1080s (the chips, not the full cards…) in laptops in the near(ish) future.


As a personal user of ASUS gaming laptop. I would totally go for a ASUS one.

THe performance is amazing, batterly life too. You can get an amazing one for around $1800 USD.


I guess that depends on your definition. Most laptops don’t have anything approaching a decent GPU since it takes a lot of power and heat. To that extent, a gaming laptop simply sacrifices a bit of that in order to run games better. Obviously it’s not a desktop with full size SLI cards but rather a “good enough” for certain situations.

The thing that changed my mind was the pivot to making them look nice. These days you can get a decent GPU’d out i7 laptop that actually looks and weighs similar to a MacBook Pro. Not long ago you were limited to a huge clunky plastic piece of garbage with full size fans coming out the back of it.


Looks like the Razer is better on the GPU side (970M vs. 960M). The key though, is you rock the external when you’re home and you have a full high end i7 system.

Wait a minute, the Acer has a 980M. @Bradum digs Acer. I hate that big exhaust junk on the back of it though.


Meh. My monitor is the only Acer product I’ve ever bought.

Why spend like… $500 on an external housing for a GPU, then a bunch more on a GPU… When you could just have a laptop with an internal GTX 1080 (not 1080m)?


Because that doesn’t exist currently? Show me the buy now button.


Ahh. Didn’t realize you needed it right away.



I was looking at the core when I saw it in one of your pictures. That thing is bad ass.


I’d like to chime in here.

I have an ASUS ROG Series laptop, it fits me well since I travel often for work.

I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about a gaming laptop.

I think the specs on mine are (and I’m going from memory here so I might be off)
Intel Core i7 2.7 GHz
16 GB Memory
Nvidia GTX 970M (3 GB)

The only real drawback I can see in the ROG Series would be the weight and the size of the thing.
Mine weighs roughly 8 lbs. which isn’t much by my standards but some people want a really light laptop. As for the size it’s got a 17" display but will not fit into any backpack or laptop bag that is made to fit 17" laptops. The reason is a protrusion of about 2" behind the display, this is where the 2 fans are housed and THIS is what makes me love this laptop. Never gets hot, hardly even gets warm, I can game for hours with no problems because those fans kick out like a champ.


If there was an easy way to get the new 2016 Blade and Core in the UK I would already have it. I’m pretty sold on that set up. It’s just a total bitch to get them here.


I’m still shocked you had to pay import duties on something you already owned. Can’t imagine what it would cost to actually import something new.


Dude it was like $600 to collect my PC from Royal Mail. It’s bullshit.


You should’ve relocated to London, ON like @Bradum and I suggested - even our backwater ways here in Canada wouldn’t require you to pay duty on something you already owned.