Should I start a CS:GO school?



Planing to start a CS:GO school.
Anyone has any idea how to start?:slight_smile:
Should I take money for it, or no? Not trying to make it as self profitable business, as i am willing just to give something to CS:GO new community.
But when i think if i would do it for free, i would just sacrifice way to much time:(
(been playing cs since 2003, lots of exp)


No need to ask for money I don’t think seeing as how they even stopped doing ESEA instructor sessions because no one was booking for that reason… just play with new players that need help go over their plays. I did the same thing with my brother he started at silver elite master now he’s floating around DMG/LE


I think there are a lot of variables here…

I personally would not, at least in the beginning. If you ended up have a constant record of turning noobs into pros, you might have the makings of a business model. Consider the people that you trained up for free as sweat equity towards building your portfolio.

Also consider what resources you are utilizing. If you were running your “school” on the Strats CS:GO server and pulling your student body from the 1300+ Strats members,all free of charge… Well I think you see where I’m going with this.