Should I subscribe?



So lately I’ve been considering re-subbing to ESO but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

I’m really enjoying leveling atm but I know that I have a lot left and I will probably start to get tired of the whole process. Does anyone who is currently subscribed actually see a noticeable increase in the rate that you level with the 10% from Sub?

I mean, the Crown Points are nice, and seem to make the sub worthwhile, but there isn’t really anything I want on the crown store.

What say you?
Is the 10% worth it in your opinion?


I’ve been toying with the idea with @tommy2118 . You get regular deposits of Crowns to spend on the store. It would mean you can probably get whatever you want as stuff comes out since there really isn’t a lot up there yet.

As someone that subscribed to the ESO monthly fee before, I may be biased.


I am subbed, I am noticing an increase in leveling, especially with the ring of mara. They both help quite a lot.
The crows are also nice, I don’t have to search for the motifs forever anymore.
Yeah I like it.


Great question @Wayward. Let me tell you about the power of 10%. You can save 10% when you enter code STRATS to a subscription. That 10% really adds up and helps support Strats in it’s many endeavor$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Now that we’ve got that out of the way… time for srs response

I’d say the 10% is worth it. When @Rotaugen explained how large the champion system is and how many points you can earn, It would really cut back on some of the grind. Plus like you’ve said, the crowns alone are worth the purchase. I imagine them bringing out some pretty tempting stuff and you’ll already have some in the bank to blow when you do find something to really tickle your fancy.


You mean before it was B2P?

Because I payed it then as well. I just would rather not pay unless the XP increase is worthwhile, because I’d like to get done leveling ASAP lol.


Wait, is that for real?


That 10% really helps get to level 50 faster, and the crowns add up if you don’t buy much. When they do come out with nice things, they are pricey. For instance, it looks like crafters can get the Dwemer motifs for 5,000 crowns instead of the million gold or so you could spend getting all 14. If they come out with Crown XP potions, you can add that 10% to the 10% you get for being subbed.If I divide the $15 by the hours I use in a month, it comes out to pennies an hour.


Nah @YAS, I’m just being a goober. I’d never really push that on someone.


Wait wait wait. You get a 10% xp buff? If so I am subscribing.


Isn’t the XP buff from marrying me enough? :sadgumball: You made so many promises!


I think it was just 1. Maybe not even.


Okay, @Nubhugs & @Rotaugen.

Subscribe I shall. You have sold me.


:dollar: :vocino:


Sub gets you access to all DLC for free as long as you are subbed.
1500 crowns/30 days
+10% upgrade to character progression


think of how many level 10’s you can make with a subscription ninjaneer


Rerolling would be even more exciting.


Your RPH would be insane

Rerolls per hour


Does that mean XP and champion points? and maybe also alliance points in pvp?


With the way it was worded I am taking it to mean everything, not specifically character leveling experience.


Hmmmm… that is very appealing.