Should we do a Strats Secret Santa?

What do you guys think? Should we do a Secret Santa with Strats members?

Basically, you’d sign up and all your info would be secret. You shipping info would be randomly passed to another member. You get your match something gaming related. They get their match something gaming related.


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I think this is a good idea! I just hope I don’t get @tommy2118 I don’t think I could afford sending him a box of coal THAT big


This could be a lot of fun.

Edit: On second thought. We have to many SSS events…

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How about Strats Secret Robot Santa Claus then?


I’m down for this gents

Not triple S, so it works for me.

Being an incredibly massive Futurama fan, I approve of the Robot Santa idea

I’m down for this.

How about we make it an old game exchange? Pass along something GameStop won’t buy back anymore that is nostalgic.

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My only concern there is the reliance on others having said old console and our willingness to part with the gems we’ve saved over the years. That said, there’s not necessarily any reason people couldn’t do that, but I think it’d be overly-restrictive if that were the focus :wink:

There’s no reason one should feel obligated to spend a lot of money (or any, in this case).

There are all sorts of creative ways to be a Secret Santa besides just plunking down dollars. I hear @Dynamible is a mean knitter and is already drafting sketches of a Destiny themed Christmas Sweater for some lucky person


You should check with @tommy2118 to see if your “services” are available for distribution during this event :wink:

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I cant keep anything on the down low around here…

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I’ll play too

What about a Xmas card exchange? Anyone interested sends a designated person their contact info and then everyone who signed up gets a copy of the list and sends them all a card. We used to do that in my old wow guild and it was very popular.

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I’d be down for this as well.

I’d do this too. I already have a great idea for a Christmas card…