Should we have an H1Z1 category?

Hey guys, long time, no talk. It’s been a little while since I’ve been here, but I’ve been getting into H1Z1 pretty heavy lately. Is there many people here that play it? Enough to make it a category? Sorry if there’s already a topic, I just didn’t find one(on mobile)

Create some momentum behind it and get people involved. A lot of people make posts asking for different games but it takes someone to lead the pack to make it successful.

I’ve never played this types of games, but after talking to a Strats member last night about it, I might consider it.

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It’s actually pretty good if you can get into it. Crafting and survival type games are kind of my thing so I love it.

Or course if you wait it will be going free to play, so you won’t have to spend the money. SoE has been updating it quite frequently, and the battle Royale pvp events are super fun too.

I watched a few streams and while it had a shaky launch, it really does sound like H1Z1’s developers are pushing those fixes hard and giving the game love. I understand why though you want to get a team. It seems like it’s way more fun with friends than running around alone and getting murdered by other players.

Yeah I think it would be cool to get a Strats team going for it on a server. Everyone working together on a base

i’ve been playing (and streaming) the shit out of it lately. currently the game is broken - for me at least. i play with a couple of non-strats guys and when we play on a PVE server, we focus on building cool bases and just collecting stuff. well the bases are pointless right now, because they can be broken into by just building a rabbit trap at the front door and jumping over the gate. so they loot your boxes without even breaking down a wall or anything. and even if they were wailing your walls with axes, you can’t stop them because it’s not PVP.

now on a PVP server, it’s all hackers now. my 2 buddies and i were scrounging through a supermarket the other day. we we all had some guns and plenty ammo, so we were well protected. we don’t play KOS, and are generally friendly to any passers by. we picked up a straggler and he was helping us (unarmed) by being our early warning system. well some guy came running into the supermarket and shot all of us with 1 shot each from a pistol. he wasn’t even sneaking up on us or anything. he just ran around a corner, shot and killed one of us. we scrambled for cover, he just rand up to my other buddy, shot him from across the whole supermarket. then when i located him, he turned around and shot me from like 50 feet with 1 bullet. we all immediately logged off and haven’t returned.

from what i see on reddit and other places, it’s a real problem that i’m sure they’re addressing. but in its current state, i’m taking a break from the game.

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That sounds incredibly annoying. Thanks for the info.

I haven’t played the PvE much at all, I’ve mainly played PvP. I’d have to disagree with you. In my experience (about 15 hours played) i’ve only run into 1 hacker. Bear in mind this isn’t DayZ or some indie, this is a game coming from SOE so they are probably going to be a bit more responsive to these things. So far, even though i haven’t made a base yet, i’ve had plenty of fun every time I go on.

This kind of broken reminds me of how painfully annoying Nether was. I’ve wanted to play H1Z1 since I heard about it, but I just don’t know if I could handle that amount of rage again. Thank you for letting us know.

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im somewhat enjoying H1Z1, ive never been able to make a base or survive that long cause playing solo is pretty hard, and people are not friendly aha… i found a car and was killed 2 minutes into having it. im looking for someone to join my on Barricade server and survive together and see how long we can last. my steam is Jekup add me if youre interested :smiley:

Yeah I’ve been putting a lot of time into it. But I can’t say that I’m going to stay. I’ve just read on reddit that they plan to make a rule for one character per server.

Now unless they MAJORLY fix the game from its current state, and make it like the last thing they do, it’s going to swau me away from actually playing. I’ve played tons of crafting survival games, and being able to store extremely important items, keep coordinates for bases, and just have any characters is crucial in my opinion for survival.

I’m still interested and I hope that only good things happen, and I’m really excited for the server wipes tomorrow, but there’s still so many problems. Playing with friends is almost impossible because they need some sort of friends list or something.

There’s a lot more going on with it but I feel like as a single player I have crafted, gathered, and made far more things than I ever should have just playing alone. Like I said I am interested to see the patch notes for tomorrow’s complete wipe.