Should we start a Strats podcast?

Stratscast? Thoughts?



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Let’s think about it and maybe do a dry run this weekend before or after the guild interview.

What would be covered?

Guild interview? What’s that about.

And, it might be better to just focus on getting more/more active streamers and promoting them.
I mean I have nothing against a podcast but I feel like we could have bigger presence on Twitch.

Well one thing we could do is highlight strats streamers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would enjoy a podcast/stream. I don’t have the resources to assist with one since I only have 1.5MB up speed as well as two kids to take care of (I tried talking the wife into new provider for more upload bandwidth and having the kids be part of my daily stream but that didn’t go over well), but I can help monetarily if there is a need.

My personal gaming usually ends around 8pm local time so after that I’m trolling Twitch for people to watch. Might as well be some favorite internet friends @Majordomo

good point

podcast could be cool. but what’s this about guild interviews?

The guild interview thing is that a guy that does a podcast about guilds is doing a video about Strats. I’ll post details later.


I love podcasts and totally support this let me know how i might help.

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