Should we start recruiting for Star Citizen?



I’m not exactly sure how the roadmap of the game is looking in terms of getting to a point where a clan/corp/guild/whatever they’re calling it will be present.

Maybe @DracoIsmenium can shed some light. If this shit works, it will be an amazing game. Should we start pushing now?


No(three character minimum)

To expand on that, the game is super SUPER alpha.

ATM the only things to do are race or play a basic combat sim.

I would recommend that people start joining the ORG that has been made by a super professional person from the community though.

That and if you want to play together, I think they are adding a friends list soon if not already?


The philosophy behind a 3 character minimum is to save one from having the make the reply I’m having to make:

No? Why no?

Edit: thanks for expanding, good info


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Im going to touch on this again. I think we should start recruiting. If you think about it pretty much every regular member we have came here because they were looking for a guild for a certain game. If we start the push now the people looking for SC orgs would most likely join in our other games.

I have a nicely formatted recruitment post ready to go. Let me know if I should pull the trigger.


Absolutely. We’re going to talk about it during the meeting:


I took your

as “Absolutely, post it”