Show Off: Crucible Moments

(Inspired by the show off equipment/guardian thread)

We talk about raiding, equipment and PvE but it’s time for some PvP love. So I’ve made a “Show Off” crucible thread! Feel free to post scores from a great game, share a story, or better yet a video of a Crucible match you’re proud of!

I’ll start. Here’s a screenshot of a Rumble match that happened over the weekend. Ended on top with 11.50 K/D lol. I was playing as a defender and used my Titan bubble wisely. Mix of Auto Rifle (lower rate of fire/increased damage when zoom) and Shotgun kills.


I need you to be my crucible mentor.

It’s no 11.5, but there’ve been a few good runs with me and a few Strats members :wink:

Edit: The above was a pure, unadulterated shotgun frenzy with some grenades, supers, and rockets for good measure :wink:


I make myself look bad in Crucible so my teammates look good.

Now that’s teamwork.


I love the Crucible!! Probably my best match since I didn’t die lol. No story, I was just feeling it that day. All kills were assault rifle ones.

Nice We should get a full Strats pvp team one time and wreck people


Oh man got me beat nice. Any medals for not dying?

No! I got shafted! You’re supposed to get one for 15 kills and no deaths but I got nothing.

Man I have a video put up on Facebook of me wrecking some people but no pics I’ll have to take some, I love the Crucible

Here’s a clip of the most resilient Defender I’ve ever encountered in the Crucible. He just would not stay down :wink:

haha I’ll gladly help you out. I just can’t give you warlock-specific tips

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I’d be more than happy to contribute to a Hall of Shame PvP Section. I could basicly pull up any of my PvP records and use them.

Man, I got a 35.0 K/D ratio one game with Moro, but I didn’t screen shot :confused:
Now, I feel like no one will believe me.

You can see a history of recent games on so you may still be able to find it! (I think it holds the last 25 games)

hey I remember that game :smiley:

No, I was to late :confused:

I bet I had 35 assists in that game @VaultBoyPS : D

was worried about Iron Banner but then my Fusion Rifle put my mind at ease.


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Crosspost to my Gjallarhorn counter-sniping because I forgot about this thread when I posted it :wink:

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Not exactly a crucible “moment” but I managed to finally hit rank 3 in Iron Banner within the last hour of the event last night!

Armor pieces look cool with God Of War shader: