Show off your equipment/guardian, Share your story Thread

Good Morning. Care to show off your Destiny Gear? Want to share a story about how you got the gear? Post it right here please!!!

If you don’t feel like sharing a screenshot but just want to link us.
You can use destinydb and link us with the results. Like this:

Here is -

I’l start! The Gauntlets I bought, no awesome story :frowning:
I also have a legendary shotgun - Universal Remote, equips in primary, it was a random drop in my 10th or so crucible match. I’ve never gotten a legendary drop in story or patrol modes…yet…
(and yes I took the damn shot @Sw1shaaSweet)



I love this idea! Unfortunately I don’t have anything good yet…. I added the post to the main Destiny thread. Great job!

@Dynamible Thanks! I’m really looking forward to hearing other peoples stories, because of the small fireteams it’s difficult for us to really get to play with everyone. I figured hearing about gear and their respective stories is the next best thing. :smile:


Rope to Heaven! Nice! I assume you got it from a chest? It’s a the neatest ship I’ve seen so far next to that Iron Banner ship drop “Birth of History”.

@Nubhugs yep, got it just farming the cosmodrome :smiley:

Here’s mine.

Nothing to exciting for me. The chest dropped last night after a Crucible match. Nothing terribly exciting besides the fact it was my first Legendary item.

@NVS_1 That chest armor is just awesome, I’m drooling over all those upgrade slots for defense.

Haha, I think it goes to 410 armor or something, base is 306 or so.

It’s gonna be an expensive upgrade, but it’s nice. The only downside was that the perks are boosting ammo capacity for scout and sniper rifles. I tend to favor the auto / pulse rifle and shotgun. Would have been AMAZING if it was bonus ammo capacity for those.

That aside, no complaints for me :smiley:

Can’t wait to see what else I run across.

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Here is my hunter. He doesn’t have anything noteworthy.

I on my phone right now, but I wanted to share…

Looking like this:

Armed with this:

Flying around in this:

Legend I have become


@tommy2118 is that a pulse rifle or an auto rifle?

Scout rifle. I need to send my bullets down range one at a time. :slight_smile:

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As lame as this sounds, I just got my first piece of legendary gear - a sniper rifle. Not all that ideal, but it’s a start. Up to Level 21 with light now, and a full “Knight” armor set. It looks badass without shaders [although it looks much better in-game as compared to the Bungie site].

Seems like strike playlists are the way to go for Light gear. I really want to experience the raids, so hoping I can get to 26 at some point.

@Proven Is your PSN the same as your strats name? I want to look up your sniper rifle. Is it called the ice breaker by any chance? M89Rose has one and its ridiculous. Either way congrats on that Sniper Rifle.

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My PSN is jwilphl. The sniper rifle I got is Prudence II - based on the stats, I don’t think it is all that special. I did find a gnarly legendary Machine Gun: Deviant Gravity-A. It killed a level 20 boss in about 10 shots (the Venus mission “The Archive” which I had to complete for a bounty).

It would be great if I could start finding some legendary gear to improve my light count!

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Is my guardian, Not sure why his charecter model wont load…

DestinyDB doesn’t load the character models right now.

The Strangers Rifle is a Scout Rifle? I’ve never seen that before…
A random drop?

@SkullKontrol, I got it once I beat Mars and that random girl you meet on venus after fighting the vex… She just…gave it to me in a cutscene…Honestly…Its amazing, did you see the upgrades on it? “this weapon can fire fully automatic” lol

You get this at the very end of the last story mission, its a mad decent pulse rifle to get you in to the level 20 strike playlists.

I was hype for it until I unlocked it. All it means is you don’t have to pull the trigger each time you fire you can hold it down, it still fires in three round bursts.

@Nubhugs yeah It`s still a 3 round burst. Still does decent dmg when I swap out my hand cannon =P

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