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The Strangers Rifle is a Scout Rifle? I’ve never seen that before…
A random drop?


@SkullKontrol, I got it once I beat Mars and that random girl you meet on venus after fighting the vex… She just…gave it to me in a cutscene…Honestly…Its amazing, did you see the upgrades on it? “this weapon can fire fully automatic” lol


You get this at the very end of the last story mission, its a mad decent pulse rifle to get you in to the level 20 strike playlists.

I was hype for it until I unlocked it. All it means is you don’t have to pull the trigger each time you fire you can hold it down, it still fires in three round bursts.


@Nubhugs yeah It`s still a 3 round burst. Still does decent dmg when I swap out my hand cannon =P


LOL ok, I put that in storage immediately. I should learn how to read the names of the weapons I’m given.


Nothing exciting until like 10 minutes ago, leveled up my cryptarch and got 2 legendary engrams and one rare. Last time I got the same engrams and that resulted in 1 blue and 2 GREEN items so I didn’t hope for anything special this time either.

BUT this time I got that exotic handcannon and one legendary armor but for the warlock unfortunately but I guess the exotic compensates for that! Never used hand cannons before but I will have to atleast try it out. And soon I will hit rank 2 with Future war cult so hopefully next week sometime i’ll be ready to try the raid!

/sorry long rant;)


I havent had any luck with legendaries just yet, but I found a nice auto rifle which is nice.


[quote=“ZombieKarsh, post:23, topic:2522, full:true”]
I havent had any luck with legendaries just yet, but I found a nice auto rifle which is nice.
[/quote] Nice AR - It’s similar to the one I’ve been using forever. I’m finding it kind of tough to find great AR’s they don’t really drop often for me. I’ll probably end up just buying one.


That handcannon looks awesome!


Just saw this on reddit. I want one.


@WrongGear @M89ROSE

Check out that helmet:


Need it! Now. Lol


Love the helm!


Pocket infinity, the full auto fusion, is a beast once you upgrade full auto. With one charge to begin, you fire all of your bursts one after another, no charge in between. With the larger mag upgrade you can do 8 bursts in one charge.


You lovin’ Pocket Infinity? I’m halfway done the bounty for it just waitin on the rare fusions to go on sale. I’m pretty excited to get it because all my fusion rifles are terrible.


At first it wasn’t much better than my main fusion rifle, I had one with high impact. Auto fire makes it very fun, though the recoil takes some getting used to and it burns through ammo like nothing else.


Damn I really want the helm…


I figured as much, it kind of reminds me of a type of Flame Thrower the way it just spews out shots. There’s a perk for finding more ammo though isn’t there?


The Cure. The ability it comes with is so clutch. No more needing to jump and aim at the ground, just point and shoot and it will explode all over your enemies’ face even if your aim is slightly off.


Yep! And one for less recoil, though that one replaces the extended mag.

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