Show us your Inquisitor in Dragon Age!

We want to see your characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition!

Upload a picture of your Inquisitor and tell us a little about them and their time in Thedas.
You can be uber RP and tell us their background, or show us your most hideous/beautiful creature you could muster!

The easiest way I found to do this is to go into the character creation menu and take a screenshot of your newly created hero. If you are past this point in the game, simply take a look at the Character Record menu and grab a screenshot from there!


###Name: Kazarok
Gender: Male
Race: Qunari
Class: Mage

My friend thinks he looks like Tom Selleck, and I agree…

Nickname: ‘Tom Selleck’

I wanted a mage that looked physically menacing while also using his abilities to conquer the battlefield.


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I can’t tell which is thicker; his 'stache or his brows.

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Rarely do I make human characters that do not have my likeness for my main. As soon as I found out I could roll a Qunari, however, I knew I had to make him badass in some way. Thus, the 'stache was born.

It looks like I’ll be starting over since my save file was reported as being corrupted this morning. I originally made a human, since I just prefer humans in games, but I don’t like the suggested backstory during character creation (you’re kinda pushed toward anti-Circle if mage, and pro-Templar if not mage).

But then the dwarf’s background is that he’s a criminal…

I was intending to go all Judge Dredd in this game, handing out justice left and right. Good or bad (mage or Templar) doesn’t matter, all that matters is if the Inquisitor finds you guilty.


Now I need a game in the Judge Dredd Universe where I can play as a Judge.

Sorry to hear about your save file man. Hopefully they patch that soon. I guess I’ll have to have multiple save files now…

Does Tom Selleck do the eyebrow thing in like every episode of Magnum? Maybe its just all the gifs are of that.

I can’t wait to make that rugged tough dwarf. The only bad part about the dwarf is those traumatizing romance scenes.


Cassandra looks to only be a few inches taller than the dwarf.

I would be more concerned with those horns.

So @PittInjury. Now that you’ve almost had a week into Dragon Age. How has your experience been? Not just the online but the offline game as well. I’m interested to start next week and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the game.

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Sorry I took a while to respond! I put up my thoughts in another thread.

However, I do have another picture of my Inquisitor. I forgot to put on the Deluxe Edition armor you get, and it looks WAY better than the basic armor you get early on:

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Well, I finally got done with Business trips until after the Holidays, so I decided to sit down and check out the DA:I Single Player gameplay.

Here’s what I’m going with.

Dwarf Warrior.

Gonna stick to the Battlemaster and 2 Hand weapon trees for now.


My mage…just respec’d to frost for a dragon fight but usually I run with lightning.

If Anderson Cooper were a mage…


First five minutes I already regret Nightmare Mode Dwarf Mega Nose.


Finally grabbed a shot of my old and wise sword and shield warrior:


Nice stache @Vocino!

@MilezOnWheelz looks like Cullen a bit.

And @Nubhugs kinda looks like the dothraki guy in game of thrones… What’s his name?

Haha Drogo? I was really hoping the beard options would get bigger but only the nose gets larger…



Especially for Dwarves.

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