Sign up for PS2 on PS4 beta



PlanetSide 2 on PS4 is going to be awesome. Don’t forget to sign up for the beta:


Signed up! Thanks for the post!


Ermahgawd finally!! My rig couldn’t handle this game and I was so disappointed, now I finally get to play it wooo


I might give this a try. I played a lot of the original Planetside but never got into PS2 after I struggled to find groups during the initial weeks. I know the game has changed a lot since release but I never went back to play again.


Signed up.


We COULD see invites before 2015. I am so psyched for this beta. I have been for a long time.


BF4 eat your heart out. PS2’s gonna take your place… again.


Signed. And teh_bumpz0r.