Sign up to stream to the Facebook page


Looking for people interested in streaming live gameplay to our growing Facebook audience.

How Do

There are a few ways to accomplish this but the easiest way is to use an app that has fully integrated the Facebook API like GeForce Experience or Blizzard’s launcher:

First you need to sign up (here). You will need a Facebook account but your real name will NOT be viewable on the stream. It will only be used to grant you the Live Contributor role on our page.

To stream to the Facebook Page, you’ll have to select “A Page I manage” from the “Share To” menu in the Streaming Control Panel of GFE, Blizzard, etc. You will then be directed to Facebook to accept the Manage Pages permission, after which you will be able to select from the “Pages” drop down menu below.

Used as promotion

You are welcome to use the description space of the stream (the “post” part of the stream that gets generated) for whatever you like. Plug your name, link to your twitch page, your Twitter, tell people about yourself, etc.

What to stream

Looking for any gameplay streaming. You don’t have to talk on the mic or use a video camera or anything like that.

Once you have this set up, if you load up a game, just hit stream and start pushing content. Multiple people can go live at the same time.

If you’re interested please reply here and I’ll send you a PM with details.

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Guide to Streaming to Facebook Live (Advanced)
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What a fantastic idea.

Yay Geforce Experience.


Are you signing up?


Sure. This will help promote my rise to streaming greatness!

I assume it will be as simple as a click or two in order to swap from streaming to my personal Facebook page and then to the Strats one.


Yup, you can flip between easily.


I’m interested to see exactly how this works.



did there used to be a link there? I’d like to sign up


Nope, I just meant reply. I’ll send you a PM.


I encourage others to participate in this. It really is very simple to do with either Geforce Experience or even the Blizzard app.


I actually really like this idea I might have to signup if I can get some extra time on my hands.


Would love to have you @AiKiller! PM me your Facebook email address and I can add you.


If you don’t mind a scrub like me, I’d be happy to contribute.


I’m down to stream some Overwatch, Dota 2, PUBG!


Now that we have several people signed up, I will be pushing the audience heavily to get viewers to you. Keep the great content coming!


I’ll have one order of signup please @Vocino


Once again I’ll encourage others to participate in this. It seems like a good way to promote Strats as a whole, especially if you have no interest in building a personal interweb brand of your own.

Both the Blizzard and GeForce softwares are very simple to use. Even if people aren’t watching you while live they can watch a replay. Just 10 to 20 minutes might be entertainment for someone.


On Apple TV:


FYI GeForce Experience now lets you see Facebook comments on screen while streaming.


Nice! Maybe some EQ streaming tonight!