Signup: Destiny Veterans Day Event



Post here if you’re interested in running or being ran through the weekly nightfall today.


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This is a Wiki post, please remove people that have gone already or contact someone who can :wink:


  • danataylord
  • sventrapapere285
  • El_Lowbow
  • FacelessAmaurys
  • jadenator656
  • sonicscrwdrivr
    • Brettbullet -





Would love to join a Nightfall run, unless i’m too low :frowning: PS4 27 Warlock, Danimaul980 hopefully i’m posting in the right place


I understand that you sign up to get helped through the nightfall right??
I can’t do it on my own but i deal some dmg IGN: helmergolf PS4


I would kill to go through the Nightfall! (I’m actually currently serving too)
I’m on PS4, DoNotThrowAway


Psn: zsberman


I can help pull someone through later tonight (central time) on XBOX1: Tourmalet.