Skill Calculator



For the people like me who didn’t play the Alpha or Beta, this is a way to see some of the differences between the classes and the unique abilities you can choose from each one.


Very nice tool. I can’t wait to see if they give us more sub classes. Some a speculated that there will be three per class.


yeah, I read that in a few places (just speculations) and I hope so. Also 3 classes, 3 subclasses makes sense.


This is awesome. It’s interesting to checkout different setups. So far I like the Bladedancer sub-class but I think the name could be a lot better. Blade “dancer”? Really?

I hope they add a third sub-class to each class, although I wonder what direction they would go with those. The possibilities with DLC and add-ons to this game are huge.


Yeah right! I know I’m going to pay a warlok first, but I’m hoping for more classes. I did see a post about being able to save your sub class to before stronger.


In my giddy excitement for release I wanted to play around with the skill calculator some more and came to find that the link above is no longer active.

I found this calculator (which I think is better) for anyone who is interested.


awesome find…i was trying use the old one yesterday and was bummed it was taken down.