SkullKontrol's Raid Team Bravo Sign Up - PS4

Good Afternoon, as you all know I’m managing what I’ve been referencing as my ‘core team’ from here on out they will be referenced as Raid Team Alpha (AKA We are out sync krew).

I’ve run that NightFall with some real talented people and want to manage another Raid Team Bravo (AKA We don’t have inside jokes yet).

Raid Team Alpha will run the Raid Tues and Weds. We typically start at 8:30 PM EST

Raid Team Bravo will run the Raid TBD and TBD starting between 8PM and 8:30 PM EST

Here are the requirements if you are interested in Raid Team Bravo.

  1. Must be flexible, if for some reason Raid Team Alpha can’t finish the Raid by Weds, Raid Team Bravo may need to push back. This shouldn’t be a problem but I need people to understand this scenario.

  2. Must be mellow as fuck. If you are a mellow guy or gal or trans this is the team for you.

  3. Must be appropriately communicative. Team in the middle of a fire fight? it’s not the time to talk about your sick cat, tell us about it later son.

  4. Must be team oriented or want to learn. See that mob attacking your team mate? Thats your only target till its down.

  5. Must be available from 8PM EST till at the minimum 10PM EST on raid days.

  6. Must be an active reader and\or contributor to the Strats forums.

  7. Must be Level 26 or greater. (Soft requirement for Void weapons)

If this sounds like you please reply and we will get it going.

I’ve reserved spots for @Hi_Voltg3 @VaultBoyPS b/c they were so rad, it inspired me to try to take on another raiding team. If @Hi_Voltg3 @VaultBoyPS if you all can be on board with the time requirements, I would be glad to have you.

Theoretically we have 3 slots open. Laid back, mellow people will have preference.


What’s the level requirement? (great post btw)

Level Requirement is 26. Prefereably with Void weapons. Glad you like it! :smiley:

I think I just need to know what day we were doing it in advance to let the misses know and I can definitely do that.

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Glad to see @VaultBoyPS join. Wasn’t long ago we were tearing it up in the Crucible :’)

Right now lets just try to gauge interest and the days we can sort out. I’d prefer something like:

Raid Team Bravo going on Thurs and one other day.

Lets see who else is interested and work out a schedule. Shouldn’t be too hard synching up the days. And really once we get it going 2-3 runs we should be able to do the raid in 2-3 hours so maybe even one sitting.

If we get a few more vets who have been thru the raid before like @Nubhugs we maybe able to knock it out in one sitting even.

I am very interested. I live in sweden so I should be what 5-6 hours ahead of you guys so that wont be a problem. I do have a weird working schedule tho. For instance i’m free next thursday but work on the next thursday.

Hopefully it wont be a problem!

And i’m a pretty ok guy!:sunglasses:

I am definitly interested @SkullKontrol please put me down for a slot if you still have one available…thanks!

level 28 titan striker.

I’d like to be able to accommodate you, but it’s going to depend on the team as a whole.
For right now lets leave it open if you are ok with it. And see what the team is looking like and what the consensus is regarding the days. If not maybe you and I can work something out for Raid Team Europe\ Raid Team Echo.

The other thing we need to do is test latency, maybe tonight or tomorrow we can do some missions together to get a feel for what the gameplay experience is going to be like for you.

Droul if you are ok with it, I’d like to work with you on your team situational awareness before committing to you.

If it were just me I’d be cool with you, however in the Raid its crucial that the team is of a similar level of situational awareness. It helps manage the natural stress level and keeps the team morale high.

Can we work together on team situational awareness this weekend then make a mutually agreed move? I’m thinking nightfall and we do some strikes.

@Droul your thoughts?

I didnt realize i sucked bad enough to get called out on it in a raid sign up thread…it is what it is i guess.

Sorry I offended you. I wanted to work with you, on situational awareness. I could have private messaged you and should have known better. Again I apologize.

I’m trying to provide a service to the people who want to raid. Unfortunately in this case, I could have used a little more tact. I already have raid gear and will be running the raid with my Alpha team on Tuesdays anyways. I gain nothing from trying to organize a Bravo Team.

I’m open to working with you and coming to a mutually agreed decision. Like I mentioned a few times, this is more about the 5 other people on the team. I need to do my due diligence, in making sure there is team cohesion.

Again I’m sorry I could have used more tact with you. I’d like to work with you on situational awareness this weekend, please let me know if you are still interested.

On a related note: Auth mentioned in another VOG thread that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep Raid planning out in the open, and I agree even if nothing else, to keep a record of the work put into handle everything from logistics to team management, so other teams can learn from missteps like this, I generalized this b/c thats just how I roll slightly obtuse, or in this case just thick.

As long as Bravo isn’t going to try to go Wednesday nights, I’d like a go at it. Nearly-28 Warlock who’s made it to the second-to-last boss previously sporting a maxed legendary void shotgun at your service :wink:

@Auth welcome aboard! Glad to have you on. Once we have a roster, we can tune up the scheduling.

On a related note, I edited my previous post relating to something you mentioned in a previous VOG organization thread about planning being open and I agree.

I saw that. Honestly, I didn’t think your comments were without appropriate tact or overly-derogatory/inappropriate for public posting. With raiding, it’s difficult if you, as the organizer, are looking for specific traits or have reservations for whatever reason regarding applicants. Your offer to assist others in overcoming what you perceived as potential issues is more than most raid leads would do, so kudos there.

In my opinion, as the raid’s organizer, it’s your call who you take with you. If an individual, for whatever reason, is not selected to participate on your team (and this will happen as we’ve got way more than 6 people without a set raid team right now that want to raid), they always have the option of firing off their own or making the adjustments you’d have them make in order to fit the composition you’re going for.

TL;DR: I think you’re handling the managerial side of this thing quite well :wink:

Sounds good! I’ll be on a bit after work for an hour or so, if you’re online I will send you a invite

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This thread went from mellow to hardcore in record speed :slight_smile:


Well I guess its about that time for me join a team isn’t it? So i’m throwing my hat into the ring. No void gear as of yet though.

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I would like to join. What days would be raid days? Level 26 lock void walker. Void fusion rifle and sniper.

I think once he’s got a full roster he’s going to work through that with everyone participating.