Sky Force 2014 - Android/iOS Sky Shooter - Free




Recently I've been itching to play a new Gradius game, and since that isn't really likely, I decided to look for a substitute I could play on my mobile device in the meantime. After playing through a few, I found one that I actually enjoy.

Sky Force 2014 is actually a pretty solid shooter that is both simple to learn, but challenging to master. The game does not require you to be on the internet to play, which is ALWAYS a bonus in my book, and doesn’t ask you to pay for anything with real money (unless, of course, you want to). The gameplay is definitely slow to start, as collecting stars is a pain in the ass when you’re trying to do other things, but if you prioritize getting the magnet, you’ll be in good shape.

There’s at least ten levels that I could see, but I’m only on level two. Each level has four challenges that you can accomplish, and I’ve noticed that when you beat those four, another four unlock on a harder difficulty, so there’s plenty of replay value within the game. Not to mention setting high scores old school style like a bawse.

Stars are collected to upgrade your ship and make it more powerful, give it more enhancements, etc. This may not be the Vic Viper, but it certainly flies as smoothly as it once did. The game is slick, and looks great. If you like these kinds of games, I highly recommend this one.