Skype Troubles and Video Cast


Hey all…5 of my buddies and I are starting to work on a videocast (w/e you call a podcast with video) and I am running into some Skype trouble. Currently all 6 of us are remote so I am screen grabbing our cams on Skype and throwing it on OBS. The issue is when I have more than 4 people the cams move around the screen when people stop talking and what not and it messes up my screen grabs.

Does anyone have different software (would need phone app also, have friends with no pc) or a trick to keep Skype in a static view? The cams stay in the same spot with 1-4 people :frowning:.

P.S. The Blue Yeti is awesome :wink: .


@Vocino - What did you guys used to use for Strats Weekly?


We used with a custom background. This enabled us to capture the entire screen rather than having to run 3 or 4 individual partial screen captures.