Small League of Legends vent



I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I fucking hate the people who won’t surrender a match that is an obvious wash because they want you to “learn from your mistakes.”

Especially when you can learn a lot more from a GOOD match (that is still a loss) in a room full of people actually willing to teach you.

Sorry, just wanted to share. That is all.


There’s no way to concede a match in heroes of the storm and that’s one thing I do wish was possible.

Having said that, there have been numerous cases when I would have conceded only to end up winning by some crazy comeback.


League of legends games are long and I agree to an extent with the fact some people don’t give up on a losing game. Most games don’t even have a surrender option unless under dire circumstance.

For instance CS:GO competitive matches will not let you surrender unless one of your team mates has dropped and all remaining players agree. Teams consist of 5 v 5 so if someone leaves and only 3 or the 4 say to surrender even though they have majority that one player who qued up to play and win will get to finish this match if he would like.

I would look at it this way. The surrender vote is there for a reason and it has to be a majority of your team. If someone else is playing for a placement match or practice or what have you they qued for that 30 - 45 minute game of league of legends, and sure maybe you’re losing but they put their time into the game too and have a choice in voting to finish it out.


I think the focus on the objective and mercs for the map is a strong tool for some fantastic comebacks when a team thinks they have things wrapped up and lose focus because they are winning. It keeps the game competitive through all phases.



I definitely get this, but in League, it’s pretty safe to say you’re okay surrendering when you’ve lost all three of your first level towers, and we, as a group, haven’t put down 50% of their health. It was such a bad match, and ended up being close to 50 minutes of exactly that… a big steamroll.

I understand it from a ranked game for sure. But we were playing normals for one, so there’s no real penalty to surrendering. The other thing is that if they said, “No, we can still win this, here’s how.” I’d have been on board. But they were saying we weren’t surrendering because we should “learn from this.” This insinuates they too knew we were going to lose but instead of conceding to that fact, they chose to punish me for being realistic.

Unfortunately, objectives and strategies were not in this team’s vocabulary. I wish I could have the chat log. By the end it was just “hold out as long as we can to make it harder for them to win.” I’m just headdesking the entire game.


I am one of those people. Never give up. Never surrender.

When you’re playing from behind against stronger opponents you have to play more carefully and take advantage of their hubris. Bait the adc and blow him up. They’re stronger but not bulletproof. If you learn the art of the comeback then you will learn how to not throw when you’re lucky enough to be up.

Take the flip side even… if I’m clearly going to win this game, why would I even finish playing it? Just surrender to be a good sport and walk away knowing you would have won.

EDIT: And I love that DOTA 2 and HOTS don’t have concede because nothing tastes better than comebacks.


Again, coming from a team that would have strategized this way, I would have been completely on board. A team that says “we’re just going to hold out to make the game longer” is no team I wish to be a part of.

The reward at the end. I would gladly take three losses as surrenders to find the one win (or even another loss) that actually gets me to be better, than one loss that teaches me nothing and a wasted 30 extra minutes that could have been used elsewhere.