Smasher's Raiders [Destiny]



Welcome everyone,

I’ve decided that we should start making a set raid team so it’s going to me my team since I’m the one making it lol. The team will be by invite but I’m making this post as a sign up of sorts, if you are interested please post and I will be making my final decision on December 14th and hoping the first raid will be on December 15th launching around 9 eastern. I would like to have Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays be the raid days and then the rest of the week can be focused on helping other people (including alternates) through the raid.

The raid team will consist of 6 members and 2 alternates. These two alternates will be ranked so if anyone doesn’t want to raid or is unavailable to raid we have people who can possibly fill in for them. The reason for the order is so both people get asked by different people and then both show up expecting to raid when only one person is missing.

For sign ups please enter the following information so I can have it for my records:

Main class:
Sub class:
Light level: (on application)
Date available: (Tuesday, Wednesday or both)
Secondary class and subclass: if applicable
Secondary light level: if applicable
Experience in hard mode raid:

If you have any questions please ask me here or in a private message.

If anyone applies and doesn’t make the team I do apologize but I’m trying to get the best experience/speed out of this raid group. People will be chosen based on skill, light and personality.

Next week there will be no prisoners, no remorse as oryx will fall by our hands. I do understand that for many it will be our first Oryx kill but we will do it. (Also with it being the oryx challenge next week we will do that AFTER we kill oryx so we can kill him then worry about the challenge)

Good luck to all who apply and I will update when I have made my selection.

Edit: date is just a suggestion so we can kill oryx early each reset to have the rest of the week to do it on multiple toons and to help people, if you can’t do Tuesdays and Wednesdays please post which day works for you.


I’m down now that I have Internet again.
Can do any day
Tried HM 1 time but was only at 301.


I am in if it is on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I can be on at 830est. I am not on during the weekends very often though.
I have 3 toons all mid 300’s my Lock can max out 310 or above with guns I may not use though


Main: Hunter
Sub: Nightstalker
LL: 316
Dates available: Literally whenever, with enough notice.

Secondary: Titan
Sub: Striker right now… Soon to be something more useful.
LL: 312

Experience in HM raid: Two HM Oryx kills, a whole bunch of "Dammit we almost got him!"s.


LL: 307 current
Dates: Generally after 9:15pm EST both days
HM EXP?: Pretty experienced. :smile:


Which of the bosses have you killed and have you done any of the challenges over the last two weeks?


Me:enough said hahaha


I’ll drop my name here purelybecause I’m interested, but I don’t have a set time that I’m capable of playing. It changes every week.

That aside, Warlock (~306) / Titan (~304) / Hunter (~304). I know if you’re doing HM, I’m a bit on the low side, but I can pull my own weight fairly well imo.

Never done HM, and only touched on normal mode a couple times. I’m quick to learn and feel comfortable enough with the NM that I could probably get away with teaching new players the majority of it’s mechanics. HM no personal experience with.

That aside, if you see me online and need someone to join, shoot me a msg. Generally I’ll be up for it depending on time, and assuming I don’t already have something else going on.

Although every Tues & Thurs I have hockey @ 10pm EST, and Friday’s are 9/10pm EST.


Oh come on man you want to join at least fill out the information I wanted


Well sir I have a little more than a year experience. I am what you call a veteran, with maxed out 310+ characters. I know how to achieve the ultimate goal as a team even without facing the King on his hardest plain. I like to mainly shadestep and shadow shot my way to the top. But I can manage with any ability needed. And while I’ll always be part of the team I won’t hesitate to help those less fortunate than me.


You can take me off this list. …I’m not good enough.


Titan, Hunter & Warlock, all around 311-313.

Titan and Hunter can be any subclass needed. Warlock is only Stormcaller, right now. I’m most comfortable as a Titan, tho.

Fairly experienced with HM…

I can do either day, Tues or Weds.




Registration is now closed. Thank you all to those who applied and I wish everyone good luck on the selection process. I will be making a new topic later today to reveal the team.

@Droul hey the only way to get better gear is to do the raid and this is a way to do the raid on a consistent basis. You will get better don’t worry it will happen.