Smasher's Raiders have disbanded



Due to private reasons, the smasher’s raiders have been disbanded. I’m sorry to any and all people affected by this and Tuesday raid groups will be filled with who is online. If people want an explanation please private message me and I will explain it the best I can.


Eh, not that private :stuck_out_tongue: Scheduling conflicts and life happened.

Tagging anyone that is typically on or around on Tuesdays, because this means that we just might be able to get two raids going between Strats and Boats and Hoes! :slight_smile:


There’s also the Boats and Hoes crew who are not on the forums, but are easy to reach out to when you need to flesh out a team, and always willing to help out. The ones that are online most are Mike (ATROCITY) and Gethin (kvothe), but Steve (stivorz) and CJ (cjamz…?) are easy enough to get a hold of if Mike and/or Geth are around.

FYI, I’ll likely be in the “around” category most days because school, and so will not be on unless needed. But I’m only a message away guys!

Also, there has been talk of still having a Sherpa Service formed of ~4 people to help others through the raid. @BREADFAN , I’m not sure how progress has been, but I’d personally love to help you get your dad (and any other Strats who haven’t raided before!) through if he hasn’t done the raid yet! ^.^


I believe it’s @BREADFAN’s dad that you’re talking about, and he’s 280 light. We’ll probably get him in next week if grinding can happen.


Thank you, that’s exactly what I meant haha. @WantedDOA85 has Sailor done much raiding? I can’t recall, there’s too many of us!


Thanks. I’ve been working on helping Pops get leveled up. He still has issues with figuring out the jumping mechanics but he is getting there.


Oh man, tomb ships!


That’s one of those things where I think it would be best to let him go to orbit while everybody else ran through it.


I think she has given up on Destiny completely. It was “destined” to happen lol


I’d still like to try HM at some point