SMITE prize pool is huge

SMITE has done something remarkable.

For their first world championship tournament on January 9, they currently have the 3rd largest prize pool in eSports history. The pool is currently at $2.14M and still rising.

This has been achieved through the Odyssey program. Essentially, HiRez created exclusive content that was unlockable by the community as a whole through purchasing items. When these items were purchased, a portion of the cost would be dumped into the prize pool. In addition, every time you make an Odyssey purchase you get a treasure chest for in-game items.

This has obviously been a huge success for the game.

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I can’t believe a game like Smite raised that much money. I remember the original trailer for that game and thought it looked silly. Boy who looks silly now… Nubhugs and his not so $2.14M

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SMITE has become kind of a big deal. They have already expanded to China and South America. HiRez has an official Twitch channel for 24hr streaming of the game, with employees and prominent Smite streamers participating. They sponsor tournaments on the weekends for both NA and EU, which are broadcast on the Twitch channel.

I find it kind of impressive.

Edit - Should mention that the Smite channel generally has 1k-2k people watching during daytime. I don’t usually watch after 4pm.