Smite PS4 Ranked Play



I play Smite on PC, Xbox One and PS4 but for the foreseeable future I want to focus on the PS4 version (because that’s my gaming platform of choice and it’s the newest addition to Smite with a community still being established).

Is there anyone interested in aiming for ranked PS4 play on here? If so I would like to game with you! For ranked play on Smite you need to be level 30 and have 16 gods mastered (have mastery level 1). I’m currently in the process of that grind. My account is level 9 and the only god I have mastered currently is Neith (my favorite). Yeah it’s a grind but it’s easier with a good group to socialize and learn the game with. Anyone interested please hit me up on here or on the PS4

PSN: Kamikaze_Q


Hey man, a bunch of members hang out on Discord to get some games together, chat, talk about whatever…

Strats Discord

Feel free to join us, there are different channels for different platforms as well.