Sneak Peak at The Dark Below Content

Someone had their game glitch and it ended up loading Destiny with The Dark Below content active but unplayable. This has me really excited for the potential of how vast the content updates will be. I noticed several new story missions and at least a handful of new strikes and 2 new raids to master.


This is pretty awesome. I’m stoked they’re taking advantage of the reef finally. I’m a little bummed we aren’t seeing any new planets or moons but this is just a glitch after all. I really want to go to the snowy moon Europa! And do a patrol on Murcury. Evans and I were playing some skirmish on Murcury and we were destroying ( as per usual :wink:) so I stopped to take in the view of the sun and was blown away by it.

Man Ive haven’t played PVP that much and have yet to play on Mercury. I can’t wait for the game universe to expand as well and so stoked to play in some snowy / more unique settings for sure!

This is great info thanks for sharing! It’d be nice to have content updates like that every few months. Didn’t think they’d make 2 raids in one update.

Dang I can’t wait!!

The strike that the map shows next to the Summoning Pits is actually a second version of the Pits that is opened when you’re on the last step of the Thorn exotic bounty. The rest of this is pretty exciting.