So... DAMP night is tonight!



Sorry I forgot about the DAMP night post while im on a quick vacation! Tonight is still Dragon Age Multiplayer Night, at 9 PM EST.

This weekend’s event is: Golden.

You must collect 20 Golden Medals to complete (I don’t even know what those are…)

Heres the link:

Feel free to edit this post as you see fit, as I am on mobile.

Good Luck on the Battlefield!


Those are the medals at the end of each game. Essentially it’ll take probably 20+ games to complete this.


oh yeah its gonna be interesting.



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I didn’t see many ppl playing DAMP last night. I still need to do the Weekend event if anyone’s up for it.


sorry i was on for 2 games then i passed out… i actualy fell asleep on the last part of the 2nd game lol


I will try to be on in the morning/early afternoon tomorrow to see what these golden medals are all about.