So Hard Mode Crota is Level 33

I just noticed this earlier today. It seems like we’re going to need to step our game up…

Hard mode will be hard.


Hacker. Nice find :hand:


Oh dear Lord. I wonder if there will be any differences such as, no revives or burns. This is gonna be sick.

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@Dynamible I wish there was a way to measure all the guardians’ tears when this comes out. I wonder if there will be lv 33 raid gear in there?

You should make a nice post on Reddit for it and watch the crowd.


This’ll be interested. I’ve still yet to do hard mode VOG :frowning: lol

@Dynamible I was gonna but apparently it’s already been posted 19 days ago. I just noticed today.

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I saw this on the iPhone app a while ago.

Level 32 is a requirement for the raid then essentially.