So here I am! Finally got up to date!


Hey guys! So my absence from streaming, strats, and basically hiding is due to the fact that my gf got me a ps4 for my bday! So I’ve pretty much been hooked on playing the Witcher. I bought bloodbourne like 2 weeks ago and still haven’t even opened it lmao

Either way, I’m not dead or anything, just been totally addicted to the Witcher :stuck_out_tongue: but I would like to add you guys who all play ps4! Or you can add me: eegore_jenkins or think you can add by email) so get to adding me or send me your ID.

I’ve been thinking about getting the elder scrolls online for ps4 but I’m not sure, how is it? Do we have a Strats guild already? Lol


Welcome back!
there’s a fairly extensive ps4 handle list here


YOU GOT A PS4 YEEEEEEEEEEES! PS: Welcome back, @ThatDoomThough!

(I’ve been addicted to The Witcher as well! I just started but it’s soooo good.)

I’m considering nabbing ESO for the PS4 too. Still on the fence, though.


glad to see you back man, and glad you’ve been enjoying yourself while you were gone.


ERMAHGAWD… Happy to have you back and with a PS4 to boot! and the Witcher 3 is amazing, gonna be playing it once i finish Darksiders 2 and after the Albion Online Alpha ends haha.


Thanks for all the “welcome backs” lol I’ve missed the Strats family! I’m actually working on getting a TV and a capture card so I can move the Playstation into the gaming room and stream from it.

By the way… If you’re going to start playing the Witcher @DrizztDo_Urden69 play it on Death March! I started playing on death March and it’s been so hard and fun. It’s the first time a game has actually challenged me in awhile. Preparing myself for bloodbourne lmao


Thank Diablo you’re back, I need your help with Ankhbot :smile:


Sorry @Vocino, literally this has been me since I got the ps4. :smiley: I would be happy to try and help with Ankhbot where I can, I can get ahold of the dev for anything I can’t help with haha