So how are you feeling about The Division



I played it for several hours on launch day and haven’t really been motivated to pick it up since.

I think I am most disappointed by how the game play doesn’t really vary much. A lot of kill that guy who is inexplicably super tanky, defend a place, or do something to a pipe/power box/macguffin.

On a higher level, I am still unsure of the appeal of the dark zone. So I’m going to kill people for their loot… so I can acquire more loot? Only other motivation is the DayZ choice of do I want to be an asshole to some people for a bit.

I assume like Destiny, they’ll add more content. Maybe more enemies, game modes, and mechanics.

At the moment, it is mostly just okay. I do enjoy all the incident reports, cell phone footage, and other extras. It is a neat way to tell the story of the different people and factions involved.


I don’t feel like you can form an opinion on a game for just playing it for a couple hours (figure of speech, idk how long you really played it). You didn’t even get close to the end game content yet either I assume.

Edit before even hitting submit:

Hold up, is this a joke? I just re-read your post and you stated:

…thats like the most boring part of the game. This has to be a joke.


I did not think I would like it. I do indeed like it, a lot. Can’t wait to play some more. I enjoy the loot grind. I’m only a few hours in, but I’ve seen a lot of streams of the mid and end points of the current game, and I want to try that stuff out.

The game play is interesting to me from a tactical shooter perspective. It may be the same the whole way throughout, but most games tend to be very samey from start to finish. It’s a blast to grab a few friends and kick some butt, and this is a good platform to do that in.


Currently just level 15 from that first session. Don’t really feel any different from level 6 from the open beta. Using an appropriate level rifle with an appropriate level sniper rifle. Playing on Hard instead of the Normal hasn’t made the game any more enjoyable. Just takes a bit longer since I need three headshots instead of one.

Depends what you are looking for, I suppose.

More interested in hearing how the Cleaner’s justify their violence or the people handle the upheaval than another kiting boss fight or another defend/move the macguffin.

I am curious about the end game content though. Do the missions vary more at all? Will there be more interesting weapons/weapon traits/etc?

Will the game play actually be different or will the enemy and I just be doing the same thing but with bigger numbers?


This could just be the conductor of the hype train talking, but I’ve quite enjoyed my experience so far. Sure much of the content has us performing very similar tasks, but that’s really no different than the story we saw in Destiny or even the story from other FPS-style games (yes, I know this isn’t an FPS).

I think what I enjoy the most of the game is the social aspect, which I have Destiny to thank for. If I was running on my own, I’d probably get pretty bored after a while & would likely avoid the DZ like the plague. Which apparently is where the worst part of the plague happens to be.


I also am a little underwhelmed by single player missions (not the story just playing solo) . I also like the story of the game and the lore that comes with the collectibles and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking around New York lol. However all that changes in party play especially since I play as a healer/Stat booster. The dark zone is also what I’m most interested in and I’ll probably go there around level 25 that way I can steam roll lower level guys without needing to be in a team all the time


The Missions? Like the main story? Each one of those is pretty unique.

The fluff quests are all a reinse-repeat of various tasks.

Some of the High-end things have some cool effects.

Same thing, bigger numbers.


I’ve only played enough to lvl to 14, and I did alot of encounters and side missions last night. I mostly just wanted to walk around and discover shiz. I really enjoyed it. That being said however, atm, I see no reason to create an alt character. I’m not too keen on the end game content, I think I heard there are dailys and weeklys right? I think I would only create an alt character if there was something done on a weekly basis like raids, weeklys, etc. If I did create another character, there is no way I would play the way I am now. I’ve been taking my time just to take it all in and not power level. I feel like that would ruin it for me.


Hmm… Looks like we’re pretty… Divided…



I’m playing on PS4. I played during the closed beta and lost my hype before open beta happened. Didn’t even bother logging in to collect my free stuff.

So far I’ve been doing things at my own slow pace, playing just an hour or two a day. I’ve played primarily solo, only grouping one time. I’ve been enjoying the game, more than I thought I would.

I’ve spent time trying to learn the mechanics of the game and which type of gun I prefer. I like seeing that suppressed message appear above an enemy’s head.

I’m currently level 7 and hopefully I’ll get a few more levels before the weekend is done. My friends’ list has shown a few Strats members in the teen levels playing so maybe I can join up with them soon.


At least you’ve gotten to play. I’m finally going to be able to play. And playing with a group is fun, we have a good group of guys here.


Gamer girl (or old lady . . . if you want a bullet in a butt cheek) here. Disclaimer: I’m a PVE solo player who sucks at shooters so normally avoids them. Before division my first fail attempts at shooter games were fallout 3, firefall, and defiance (oh and Ark but i won’t count that one). Of the counted three, I didn’t spend more than 3 hours combined failing to shoot/target things. So i’m not a shooters fan or player and i hate pvp. With that said, I promised some friends i would try a shooter game, so i played the beta for division and i liked it. Why?

In short: I like division. I love the explorable content, the encounters, and the side missions. As a nublet shooter non-talent (who doesn’t group with strangers), I don’t like the main missions since they are designed for teams or groups. Yes they are solo-able, by skilled/seasoned shooter players (easily), not so easily by unskilled shooter players). if you make a single player mode, it should be designed for single players (not have team missions). My issue with the main mission is the number of NPCs rushing a player. I have no issue with team missions if they are outside of what’s required of a single player (at least four are required to get your base going). Still that’s probably more a personal fail issue than a game flaw issue. I like the game and i feel it’s worth the money i paid for it. So i’m content.

The long long long ramble:

First there’s the single player open world environment and omg the world looks so real and cool. I love exploring, and going into apartments rummaging through people’s personals (Cringy). I didn’t like a few NPCs and one NPC dog creepily following me on my scavaging. I love turning the corner and coming across degenerates that i can gun down and feel like I made the neighborhood a little safer (yeah right, i just love hearing them scream, oh no she killed . . . .).

I personally like spending time with my friends but unfortunately they are level 30 and i’m only 18 at this point. One thing I hate is doing the main missions solo. All my friends soloed them fine, but if you aren’t good at shooting (and i suck) beating a main mission might take 30 mins to an hour. It’s also tiring to keep redoing it. I died like 15 times on the police precinct mission, but amazingly only 3 times on the medical unit unlock. So i am improving (mainly cause i switch to primarily sniping) but i doubt i will improve enough that my main missions running solo will be quick. I’d rather do the main missions with teams because they even suggest it, but i don’t play with strangers since i suck and a lot of the people playing shooters and/or matchmaking aren’t the most patient or understanding.

I’ve been watching a few people stream play in DZ and i played in it during beta. I don’t really plan to do much in DZ other than hang with friends. I don’t trust people and again i hate pvp, so i expect bad things to happen. What i do know is people can’t be trusted. I had a few friends try to run with strangers, try to help a downed person, and get ganked in return. Me? I’d never help anyone. When i was in beta some guy came up emoting, i didn’t realize he could hear me and i was like like “this guy needs to get the ‘F’ away from me.” When he got away i realized he heard me.

The sad thing is people don’t get why going rouge is heavily penalized. It’s that the basis of division isn’t traditional survival against the world and others. It’s the good guys “us” trying to save our world from the bad guys/things. so good guys don’t gank and steal etc. Now if you wanna be bad then bag guys assume the world is against them and being tracked down by everyone in DZ is about how it would go in reality. But I don’t have a view or preference on how DZ should or shouldn’t be. I just think people need to realize you can only trust your friends, (and even even some of them are shady).

I think it would be nice if people on your friends list couldn’t be killed accidentally (unless you toggled kill friends). This would allow friendly units (say multiple Strats squads) to work together in an area. I have been worrying about this because i know there have been a lot of accidental shootings that toggled people to rogue. I don’t intend to go rogue and as hard is it is for me to get exp, i don’t want go rouge and lose exp cause of an accident.

At the end of the day, i’m playing Division and i love what i do like about it.


Today I played three story missions. During the first one I was having trouble killing the final boss solo so I chose to use the matchmaking service.

It was the best idea I’ve had since I began playing this game.

First mission I played with one person. Second had two others, although one left during the final fight. Third mission was a full 4-person team.

I agree with @Resademilo that the story missions are designed to be played with a team. It’s much easier to defeat the final encounters when you can properly suppress and flank the enemies rather than try to beat them solo. I didn’t even bother putting on my headset and talking to these strangers either; everyone played their position just fine and got the job done without a word being spoken.

I also walked into the DZ today for the first time since the game launched. In less than an hour I retrieved 12 pieces of gear and attained rank 8 I believe. I walked to the first extraction point and found a group of 4-6 people farming MOBs and extracting gear. Without a word I joined them and helped with the work. A couple of guys tried to kill us but we killed them instead. Fun was had.

This is how I wanted my time with The Division to play out. I hope I have more days like this.


I also tried out out the dark zone today since I was almost level 30.

Turns out… Dark Zone scales with your character. Oops, didn’t know that. Managed to get some new purple gear though so that was fun.

I’m still playing everything solo though so I mostly ran from other players and mostly avoided picking up loot unless I actually needed it. Probably would have more fun with others but at this point, I just want to see how much fun I can have solo.

I’m also still playing the story missions on hard and solo. The police academy and LMB radio tower mission kicked my ass pretty hard but managed to beat them in the end after playing around with my setup some and actually using the special bullets.

Despite my complaints, I actually really enjoy how the shooting feels. That part is pretty solid.


Oh boy… level 30 - 30 Dark Zone is quite a bit harder than level 26 - 29 Dark Zone.

I died three times just trying to extract in DZ 1. I have made a huge mistake.


I hit 30 yesterday and yes, the DZ on 30 is insane. Guaranteed enemy spawns on extraction and like what feels like a 25-50% chance that the enemies are yellow. I figured out how to farm some stuff after a while but can’t progress outside of DZ01 solo, because the rikers are too tough since they all rush you and my gear still sucks.


Yeah, as someone who waited until 30 to really start doing DZ stuff I can confirm the transition is a bit rough. I ended up pairing up with a buddy and things went pretty well; a extractions and before we knew it we were in full grape or better gear :wink:


Mistakes were made bro… Hitting DZ at 30 hurts a bit but doesn’t take the fun away hehe.

I can’t wait to hear from you guys when you play Challenge mode story missions! They are not impossible, just take time and if the team is not careful, a lot of wipes will happen :wink:


Which extract point at you using?

I’m using the gas station one on the east side. I finally managed to extract by triggering the extraction and running out the back entrance and hiding quite a ways back behind the enemy spawn point.

Waited until the Rioter wave spawned and attacked them from behind after they walked into the back entrance using it as a choke.

I had a huge issue getting slammed by rioters on both sides and wiping from that.

Also, what are the daily missions like? I think they were just playing story missions on hard (yay!) but do they give you a special reward or something?
Phoenix bucks maybe?


Yes, they give Phoenix bucks. Two of them are for Hard-mode, one is for Challenging mode (which does not fuck around).