So I bought another copy of TESO for my son



So I bought @ThePassenger a copy of TESO for Easter. I really want to get back into playing this. I rolled a new charecter on AD and plan to spend my available time in the evenings leveling up with him. Feel free to join us in Mumble. I shoud be on at around 9:30pm EST tonight.


You’re killing me… don’t tempt me!!!


I see you on Bloodborne.

TESO is a relatively easy-going MMO. Dungeons are short and the PvP is easy to drop in-and-out. I’ll consider starting a new character.

But… elves.


Yeah i played bloodbourne earlier today… i’ll be playing more, but still doing alot of pc gaming


Elves were not my first choice… I wanted to stay aligned with as many people as I could from the old guild. I have a VR4 Templar that I was respecting… but, I could not resist the urge to rekindle some of that old ESO Magic and start from scratch with my son.


I played a bit today and I’m going to hop on to find a PVP campaign in a bit. I’m fairly happy with my spec now but I haven’t really tested it with anything.

My gear is completely broken. I think I’m going to spec into blacksmith again and make something for myself.


I’m giving in…


So… never touched this game gonna need alot of help as to what to do lol.


I’ll guide you.


I have to say that I am excited to be playing ESO again. We had a few people in Mumble tonight and it felt like old times. Looking forward to seeing this as a main title here again.


Do they have poverty accounts or do you have to purchase the game?


The game went free a few weeks ago. You should keep up with the discussions on this site!

Guess I should say there’s no sub. You still buy the base game.


I knew it had no monthly fee. I guess it’s asking too much for free accounts too :stuck_out_tongue: Dang… A guy can dream


I thought Steam might sell it cheaper but it’s still 60 bucks on there.


I guess I’ll join you guys next Steam sale :stuck_out_tongue:


What is your Steam name btw don’t think I have you on my list

Edit - invite sent!


I would guess that it will remain at retail price until well after the XB1 and PS4 release dates. (June?)


I have the ability to select any race for each faction when I create a character, but I like to have themes for my characters. Bretons and Redguard just don’t belong in the AD. So I’m trying to decide which race would work best as a Templar. I don’t think I want to play as DK or Sorc. And I really have no desire to play as Nightblade.

I’ll give it some thought while I beat on baddies in Bloodborne.


I chose to be an Imperial. I agree with you on the logic of fitting in with the games lore. For me, I look at it as if I’m a Imperial by birth that became disenfranchised to the current state of affairs and joined the AD because he sympathized with their cause.


I’m betting there will be a “friend invite” promotion soon. Most games that kill their subscription do that at some point soon after.