So I Gambled for Real this Past Weekend


Friday was my 24th birthday, and as a gift, I received $50.

Blackjack has been a trend on twitch lately, so i decided to take the dive.

I played for 4 hours on Saturday, turning that $50 into $100, and then played 4 on Sunday, turning that $100 into $200

it’s been real fun, and I don’t want to stop doing it.

Morally it’s probably not the right hobby to get into, but gosh darn it, I’m making REAL money here! I don’t have a job (yet) so this is looking real appealing right now.

I spent 6 hours playing today, only making $20. Regardless, that’s $20 more than I originally had.

Anyways, been contemplating creating some content for my sessions. Just need to figure things out I suppose.

What do you all think? Any discussion? Is gambling content something you all would have fun watching? Do you all gamble yourself? Or maybe this is a subject not to be talked about here. Whadya think?

One day when I get some balls, I’ll try to record a session and share.

Thanks for reading.


Judt don’t get caught if you want to get into counting cards.


Card counting isn’t possible anymore because they shuffle the shoe after every hand these days :wink:


Whaaaat. But I watched 21 so many times I know the codes now!


I think I was a bit vague about where I was playing blackjack.

it’s actually a website taht anyone can get into and play called it’s become pretty popular with twitch lately

they use the 8 deck system. so counting cards is pretty impossible. I’ve seen one hand get five 2s before. Things like that can happen with these decks.

anyway, I thought it was an interesting enough to bring it up and see if there is a community for it here.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gambling, but I think if you want to be good at it, you have to put time the effort to actually become good/great at it. I’m sure we’ve all heard the stories of people living off they money they make gambling, but that’s because they make gambling their job.

As a hobby, I say stay vigilant and be wary of what you’re doing every single time you decide to go play.With that, I think you’ll be just fine in terms of ever getting addicted to it, which is the real scare for most people.


Happy bday, and congrats on your success! Gambling can be fun, but I don’t have the money or cajones to get into it. Be careful, and good luck!


I hate giving my money away. For all that, poker and blackjack take a little skill and are fun. Just remember, more gamblers lose money than win–as my dad like’s to say, if you want to donate money, there’s better places than casinos to do it :smiley:


Starting to sound a lot like someone I perhaps know !!! :money_with_wings::blush::clap::facepunch:


i see what you did there


I agree, practice makes perfect, and it’s a kind of skill I want to take the time to learn. But for now, it’s best kept a hobby. It would be nice to live off of this, but I wouldn’t even know where to start with taht.

I think my main priority is find a job, and do this on the side for a little extra cash. Only the future will tell i suppose.


Like Extra Life!! #shameless plug


Thank you, I appreciate that.

with the cajones, I didn’t either, I just happened to get that $50 and had nothing better to spend it on, so I threw it at the blackjack table.

surprisingly, blackjack isn’t too difficult, but it does have it’s mishaps, just like any other gambling game.