So I got a new weapon today

@PittInjury may have found a wedge of cheese to defend himself, but nothing will protect you from my Banana nailed poorly to a sharpened stick.


Together, you’re approaching a salad of destruction.


Haha I had accidentally sold that before I took an ss, it’s fucking hilarious.

LOL. That is awesome. Can’t wait to find some cool stuff like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just be sure to keep it in the refrigerator when you’re not using it, otherwise it will turn brown.


That with the cheese shield, come on people, do it, do it!


I literally just got the schematic for this weapon earlier today on my nightmare

Where where? I wants!

Honestly I have no idea lol, I was doing stuff in like 4 different zones then looked at the requisitions table and I had the schematic for it.

The schematic comes from 3 sad splinters. you get those through breaking doors to forts

Yeah I remember from normal, I just gotta go find them now. What level did you end at btw @Nubhugs?

18 when I finished the game. I remember pulling your leg about finishing on 19 and here I did it sooner :stuck_out_tongue: I reloaded a previous save because I was saving before every mission incase i made a terrible mistake and now im working through some of the trophies.

Haha very nice, but now I gotta finish at level 16 just to prove who the master is :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah I needa go on my normal mode and finish some stuff for trophies, like getting plants from skyhold garden.


I made the HUGE mistake of creating the Chantry garden, just for kicks… It does nothing.

What?! You didn’t do the extra pots for gardening? It’s like I don’t even know you Pitt

Yea, I was like, “oh maybe the Chantry will give back for once…”

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The Chantry never gives back lol

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