So, I just got this message now


Although I was well aware of the 10% discount code, the message regarding it could have been sent to me at the very least during the timeframe the code was valid, not after the weekend, lol.


Fudge! I forgot the use that too. RIP 10%.

I didn’t mind the downtime anyway. I got to have fun laughing at @Vocino in the Strats Pity Party


I think I saved $1.20…


I actually bought Shadow Warrior which was listed @ full price. I added it to the cart, used the 10% coupon, saw it drop to like $5.40 and was like OMG, must buy. Purchased and then found that I happened to add Shadow Warrior to my cart as the flash sale went live. So I saved around 60 cents. Good times!


I really want to pick up Shadow Warrior. That is an amazing price for the Flash Sale. Let me know what you think of it NVS if you get to it


Ya, I haven’t played it yet, although it’s installed, lol.


I had more viewers on my stream when I was flipping through menus and watching trailers than when I actually play games.


because intense viewer interaction with chat. Plus a certain awesome mod bringing a certain spam to make everyone happy.


If it’s true to the original game, it’ll be a nice Duke Nukem-esque romp. I played the shit out of the original back in the day but haven’t had time to sink my teeth into the reboot yet.


I watched a trailer, it looks very silly and over the top, in a good way. I do remember the old 3d Realms Duke style Shadow Warrior and it was a ton of fun. I miss having fun like that.


I remember watching my brother play it on PC and it looked fun. Didn’t see a whole lot of it though.