So I made a MS Paint edit of a few Stratsco Members Icons


@AiKiller , @Vocino , @Nubhugs , @dontcallmejames got some new “Better” possible icons for the profiles, AKA this what happens when Freshie stays up late and I have access to your twitter/twitch/stratsco profile and profile picture.

“MS Paint is my art form bad mouth all you want but I shall be its master” - Freshie44 Never


Spot on.




Hah awesome!


That was exactly how I wanted to start my morning.


Geno was a puppet… just…like…@Volcano


Freshie your MSPaint art will never cease to amaze me. God Like/10


Glad I could make your morning @Dynamible but thanks for the compliments I try my best with my god tier MS Paint edits