So I received this month's Loot Crate


(this was for @Nubhugs via mumble. If you’re not in mumble, you’re missing half the fun.)


I might need that crown… omg so great @_@


I got mine too!!


Look at this slacker… throw a comb through that hair! Plus who taught you to take a selfie? Do you need one of these???


I also received mine!

My wife was threatening physical harm upon my person if I did not remove that glorious crown before we went out to dinner.


This was my first month of LootCrate, and we also had a lot of fun with it. GF6 found much enjoyment from the Game of Thrones stuff, but I was more amused with everything that I could put on her (the bowtie and the crown, of course). It starts at 8:30 in this stream and goes for about 10 minutes. We’re terrible unboxers.

As it was said in the stream, we’re giving away some of the stuff that came in ours… we just don’t know when. Physical giveaways are so tedious. Lol.


See @Vocino. You didn’t want to do this! Everyone loves it AND are discussing their loot crates. I guess I’m not such a bad guy like you make me seem.