So I saw The Force Awakens (spoiler free)



Saw a screening of The Force Awakens last night in the Lucasfilm screening theatre with other people from ILM and some special guests (like the mayor of SF heh). I absolutely loved the movie. But you already knew I was going to say that.

Yes, it is a lot of the same formula from the original trilogy. No, it’s not a remake. In my opinion, it was the perfect mix of new and old. JJ did a great job with staying true to what made the original series amazing while still introducing new character that you really felt for.

There are also some major spoiler moments so be careful out there on the internets if you want to see it first!


I’m planning on seeing this early in the week. One of the criticisms I read of the movie was that it lacked the “wow” factor of the originals. I’m hoping that isn’t the case, would like to feel the same sort of excitement I got as a kid watching the originals for the first time.


That probably depends on your level of fandom. As a 100% stand alone movie, where you don’t get all the references and you don’t have a deeper knowledge of the history, it’s probably a 75/100. With that stuff, it’s more like 90/100.

In my opinion, that’s what it should have been: a connection between old and new.


That makes sense. If it’s better than the prequels I’ll be happy.


100% yes.


That’s good, I’m looking forward to it a bit more now.


It felt like they went in more of the direction of the original trilogy than the prequels. I loved it. Super glad they did a good job with it.


I felt that it had the Heart and Soul of Star Wars, but zero imagination. A solid B, do recommend. My movie of the year is Ant-Man, followed by Mad Max, then this. I’d rate the SW movies thusly:
1 RotJ
2 RotS


It’s better the second time, especially in IMAX.


We might do IMAX when we see it again next week. Good idea.


Yeah it was sold out for regular so my son and I did the 3D IMAX. It was pretty cool.


I told my wife something similar. I think the original trilogy did something that most movies can’t as it relates to how it affected a generation. Most kids today are accustom to movies that take the imagination to its limit. If I was a kid today, I’d find the movie cool, but would probably just compare it to Star Trek, Avengers, etc.

Still sure there are those few whose minds were completely blown and this is a new era for them.


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