So I was just watching Colin & Greg live


And when they read off the new subscribers I was waiting to hear my twitch name (Dr Body Dropper), and I heard them call out @simplyundrea!! Lol, Then Greg said “oh, I met @simplyundrea last night”. I’m so jealous of you. lol. I think next year I’m taking a few days off and going to see these guys at PSX. Did you meet them at the meet and great after their panel?


Haha! It honestly just happened. I never thought I’d meet him in person.

But I actually watched Greg on the Naughty Dog panel but I had to leave afterwards because I promised to meet up with game devs while I was at the Playstation Experience.

Long story short, a friend of mine hooked me up and I got to stream for Media Molecule while at PSX. After the stream, MM invited me to a private party/showing of ‘Dreams’ for the PS4.

The event was last night & I met Greg there. He’s really awesome in person! Such a great guy.




Honestly, Twitch Con & PSX were some of the best weekends I’ve ever had.

Just pure awesomeness. :smile:


I sort of felt PSX was underwhelming. I don’t really want to stand in line to play a game for a few minutes.


Isn’t that just like E3?


I skirted most the lines just to roll up on the game devs & chat it up with them. Lol.

I stood in line to play only three games. Shadow of the Beast, Eitr and Skytorn.