So quiet this week



I know, I’m the silent member in the group so who am I to say it’s quiet? HAHA. But seriously, where is everyone!?! I’m usually on in the evenings and maybe at lunch. Each time I’ve seen maybe one, at the most two people on at the same time. Is there a peak time and I’m just missing it? When are you guys/ladies usually on? You know, so I can “not” speak to you, LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Have a great Friday the 13th!


Sorry! I got rear ended yesterday, so I wasn’t on yesterday and may not be tonight, depending on how I manage chair sitting. (i’m usually on late afternoon early evening.)


Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been in an accident :worried: I hope you’re quickly on the mend


I’ve been doing just about anything but playing games most days the last couple weeks (and I’m not happy about it). I’ll be around a fair bit next week though, for sure. Today I’m out and about basically all day, yesterday I was prepping then recording the first Strats Chats with @tommy2118. There will be :fire: Lava Wall :fire: tomorrow though, so we have that going for us, which is nice :wink:


I :heart: lava wall!


Eh knocked around a bit. Just my back and neck. The truck took the brunt and I wasn’t on my bike. While my Harley is 1000 pounds, I would have fared much worse. I’ll be back soon enough! Also @Auth YAY :fire: LAVA WALL :fire:


Oooh! Strats Chats!

Hope everything is Ok @MrSavage


Oh, no! I hope everything is alright. (I’m glad you weren’t on your bike. Bike accidents are nooo joke.)

And I hope you recover soon, @MrSavage. I’m sending good/healing vibes your way!

[quote=“Wayne_Holsclaw, post:1, topic:5308”]
I know, I’m the silent member in the group so who am I to say it’s quiet? HAHA. But seriously, where is everyone!?!

It has been pretty quiet lately, @Wayne_Holsclaw! I guess life is happening to everyone?

I know this week has been a bit more hectic for me than usual.

I still try + post here and there. Hopefully I can be more active this weekend. :smile:


As someone who’s seen a few friends beat up on their bikes in wrecks over the years, I’m glad you were in a metal box :wink:


Yeah I would have been really ticked. But the coverage is better on the bike :wink:


I have been sidelined with a bad back for almost 2 weeks and i am going ape shit wanting to play but unable to sit in desk chair for any length of time. Ive got all my new streaming stuff right here in shiny new boxes waiting for me too. I should be back to normal by this weekend as i plan on playing lava wall on saturday.


Sorry to hear about your bad back. I know that pain well! I hope it feels better soon :smile:


is @kemptra still playing?


I was just reminded that I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow night. So, I don’t think I’ll make it for the Lava Wall Event :disappointed: And I was really looking forward to it :disappointed:


Tax season, job, two pets with new health problems, and now starting work on a new Strats feature this weekend is keeping me from playing. Was just about to start on my back yard building too.


sorry havent been online this week, been a busy one. i def. still play, hope to see everyone soon!


I got sick of digging/mining so took a few days break.


Haven’t played in a while but I may give it another shot. Just don’t know if I can go back to vanilla.


Get on minecraft or you know what’s gonna happen