So uh... /r/ESObuilds is ours?



I just got ESO for my PS4, and I was looking at a good DD sorcerer build and a bow sorc build.

I tried typing in /r/esobuilds to see if it exists and ko and behold, it does! and I see our name on the banner.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a Strats PS4 guild?
  2. Where’s the sidebar on /r/esobuilds? Also, @Vocino might I suggest implementing a system so we can filter builds by class or weapon type (or have a constantly-updated compendium of build links at the sidebar)

walks away humming the 12 notes of ESO

ESO - Join Our Guild!

Reddit doesn’t allow that sort of filtering. The only filter mechanism is search and that is limited to what people input in the titles.

I believe @teh_ninjaneer is the only person playing ESO on PS4 right now so he would know about a guild.


He’s not alone, but I don’t have a headcount either. Also, for note, @Vocino founded r/ESObuilds :wink: