So, what's up with Anthem?



Is Strats going to have a presence in this game?

It looks pretty decent from what I’ve seen and heard. Apparently there will be 0% loot boxes, 0% RNG of any kind on cosmetics.

Gameplay looks fun.

It launches on Feb 22nd

There is also “VIP Demo” that runs from Jan 25 - 27 for anyone who has pre-ordered
As well as a “Public Demo” from Feb 1 - 3 for anyone who downloads the demo, no purchase necessary, try before you buy.


I’m interested in it, and will be checking it out. Will likely be on PC though.


I have been following Anthem since it was announced. I participated in a closed alpha test a couple months ago and I will be playing the preorder demo in a few days.

IGN is releasing several videos this month. This links to the directory of all their videos. Below is a sample:

Arekkz also has a few videos.

I am excited for this game. I need something to pull me out of the deep rut that is Fallout 76.


I haven’t followed this game at all but I’m still looking for a pve shooter that can scratch an itch that neither FO76, Destiny, Tarkov or far cry 5 have managed to. I’ll let the game release and watch it closely but I’m not exactly hurting to blow 60 bucks on yet another “hey this might be good” game. So, cautiously optimistic although I’ll definitely won’t be paying at launch. Probably.


Good man!



I’m definitely interested in checking this out.
BioWare really needs a win here, and I’m sure they know it. I imagine they put a lot of effort in to this one.


So, what’s the word? I didn’t get to play it but from the gameplay I’ve seen it looks very much like Destiny. I’m struggling to find that secret sauce or a differentiator.

  • The loot system is more like Diablo or The Division. The endgame will be spent forming a build for each javelin (do you want a melee or ranged Interceptor, do you want to focus on priming combos or detonating them, do you want to deal fire damage, single target or AoE, things like that) and then collecting the gear for those builds.

  • The modifiers on gear are quite varied. For example, during one of the dev streams they had built a character who maximized his hovering time and also dealt more damage while hovering.

  • Ability spam is encouraged in Anthem. Cooldowns are short, often in the 10-second range or less, so you are firing off missiles or grenades all the time.

  • Flying is fun.

  • There is matchmaking for every activity in Anthem, as opposed to the Destiny raids.


well, not really any commentary on the game itself, But as for me, Division 2 has grabbed my interest more, and thus my money.


Division 2 and Anthem are definitely competing for my money/attention. Presently leaning towards Anthem, depending on how this weekend’s (shoutout to @teh_ninjaneer for the hookup) and next weekend’s tests go.


Yeah, PvP is the song of my people so Div2 gets the edge.


I’m leaning toward @Wayward here on the pvp thing as well. Anthem seems like another pve loot grind like Destiny or Borderlands. I don’t see anything that makes it seem like an immersive world but maybe I had a completely incorrect impression of what was coming.


One other factor that’s contributing to my decisionmaking process is the games as a service models each have: Anthem will have free DLC with cosmetic MTX while Div2 will definitely have a season pass.

Also, they’ve said no PVP at launch, but it seems like they’re entertaining the possibility (or at least open to the idea) for it in some form in Anthem.


I’m discovering more issues with Anthem. The PC version does not have raw mouse input. Bioware seems to have attempted to emulate an analog stick with their mouse controls. This goes for both flight controls and weapon aiming.

The main issue I’m experiencing is what people are referring to as negative mouse acceleration (mouse deceleration?). Essentially, the faster you move your mouse when turning, the less your turning arc. You might move your mouse slowly across your pad and make a complete 360-degree turn or more. But then you might whip it hard over the same distance and only move 45 degrees.

And no one has found a way to turn this off.

I have spent probably two hours or more tweaking the various mouse sliders to get the flight controls set to something that I like. I can control the character ok with this. But then I pick up my XB1 gamepad and the difference is still very considerable. I feel strongly that Anthem was designed as a console game first.

I encourage anyone who is interested in this game to play it during next weekend’s open demo. I am spending a lot of time going back and forth between mouse and gamepad. I feel like I could enjoy this game with a controller but I’m just not certain yet.


I’ve played other games where they tack PvP on as an afterthought. Ghost Recon Wildlands is a good example. I’m always left disappointed.

But The Division 2 has made it clear that PvP is being designed into the game as one of it’s core features.

The season pass thing is definitely a bummer, but I look at Ubisoft’s implementation of season pass in Rainbow Six Siege as the prime example of how season passes should work. So I have at least some hope.


Honestly, control-wise the only major gripe I have is swimming. Swimming feels pretty awful, IMO.


It is much easier with a gamepad. I’m enjoying this game a lot with the XB1 controller.

I hope you complete the story missions and get a chance to play the stronghold (dungeon). That will give you a good impression of what the game is really like.

Lots of Twitter folk are saying the boss fight is the make-or-break for the demo.


Oh I’ve completed the story missions, unlocked my 2nd Javelin, and kicked the shit out of that boss. Honestly enjoyed the shit out of it. I didn’t realize how nasty the missions can be solo (definitely did all the story content solo; that shit does not scale down).


Question for those who played demo: is that true that there were lots of bugs?
I’ve read two or three articles and every describes the problem. Copywriting or bugs are real?