So, what's up with Anthem?



There were some bugs, but I was still able to complete all the content without too many issues. Couple of infinite load screens and one bugged out cutscene that worked after I updated my drivers (I was a few builds behind) were the only issues I had; no rubberbanding and such.


So is there a Division 2 beta coming up? Where are people falling on this decision?


Div2 Beta is Feb 7-10 and only for preorders.


Hmmmmmm I might do it just to play the beta and see what’s up. I was just so hyped for the original vision of The Division that I want this one to be what it should have been.


While I still follow the gospel of the Church of No Preorders, my friend at EA can get me Anthem for $20CAD so I figured at that price, I might as well.

It would be a lie if I said I enjoyed the loading screen simulator that was the VIP Demo, but when I did get in to play the game, I enjoyed it.

All I ever wanted was the Companion app…



For those who did/will play the Anthem demo, there’s some good info out there about how the demo build differs from the more recent tests YouTubers were invited to play a week ago or so (which is probably close to what live will feel like); I don’t believe Bioware is just giving us lip service about a lot of things being improved in the live client, but few big channels/gaming journalists are discussing this (MTX speculation clickbait too stronk).



Clarification regarding the Alliance System and post-launch Guild System from one of the devs:


New trailer!

oooooshit someone is getting fired; apparently that trailer wasn’t supposed to be up yet because it’s now down; here’s a reupload I found



Holy AMA, Batman:



It begins…


So early access peeps get to play on Valentines night…


EA will always be your valentine. . . for a price


EA loves me.



I’ll be playing this one. Unfortunately not until maybe late Friday night or even Saturday night. Valentine’s Day is a big deal in my household. Also crackdown 3 comes out tomorrow and apex legends is too fun to put down. This is a tough week for gaming for me.


They said the servers won’t be live until tomorrow morning Freedom time (Origin launcher was displaying erroneous information).