So, what's up with Anthem?




That is quite a trailer.


Someone on the subreddit broke down all the skills that were being used, I believe. Can’t find it offhand, but I swear I saw it.



Detailed roadmap for the next 90 days or so:



Travis Day (Blizzard D3 dev largely credited for the Loot 2.0 redesign) dropped some very constructive feedback on the Anthem subreddit the other day:


Wow, that was a great read! Thanks for sharing.


Anthem loot update has been posted; it goes live either the 28th or the 1st.


  • No more dead inscriptions
    • Inscriptions moving forward will have more intelligence about them; this is not retroactive and will only apply to new drops after the patch goes live
  • Lowest tiers of loot (white and green) removed from level 30 drop pools
    • no word on how this will affect droprates overall (i.e., netting more MW+ gear)
  • MW crafting costs reduced from 25 embers to 15 embers
    • wait until the patch to craft anything!

No official updates for GM2 and GM3 difficulty yet, so keep smashing GM1 for the time being.

Reddit post: