So who is going to go see that new Matt Damon Film?



heheheheheheh…that photo cracks me up. The movie actually looks decent…ill wait til it hits the cables though :smile:



i read the book which is absolutely awesome. Not sure about the movie though. If you like the movie be sure to read the book!


The movie is ok. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t read the book first. The book is a much better story.


Just saw it last night; it’s Space Macgyver and well worth seeing on the big screen, IMO. I’ve not read the book (so I can’t speak to the typical “book is better than the movie” arguments), but the presentation of the dire situation was pleasantly juxtaposed with a (mostly) light-hearted tone and Matt Damon was great.

8/10: will most likely buy.


Read the book…


I Def want to see this move, but that picture Lolol I can’t,i just can’t


I read the book, but I’m a little worried about the movie… Especially when I saw the trailer and Matt Damon says “In the face of overwhelming odds I’m left with one option… TIME TO SCIENCE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS!” <- this made me cringe harder than I’ve ever cringed before… Yes, even more than Ophelia doing standup…


For what it’s worth, contextually to the tone the movie went for and Matt Damon’s character, it works really well; taken by itself (out of context and from an already-established understanding of the character from reading the book) I could see how that might be cringe-worthy.


It just concerns me that they’ve taken the book, and dumbed it down for the movie watchers. I feel like the wit from the book is going to be replaced with really obvious jokes so even the slow kids can follow along.


The movie is worth watching, it is good. As for the humor, the movie cut quite a bit out and even took a joke from the book and changed it to be less funny. They also cut the majority of the science out which really irritated me. On the plus side the movies ending is better than the books and the visuals are absolutely fantastic.


I thought it was quite good. I’m glad to see Ridley Scott still making smart/entertaining movies. I thought Prometheus was gorgeous, but the script was all over the place. The Martian is also a “feel good” movie, but it’s earned; the predicament MATT DAMON finds himself in is pretty thrilling. I would see it again for the humour and the excellent visuals. Plus, it’s about human beings science-ing and coming together to solve major problems and one man’s life. It’s a film that’s better than good, not a classic per se, but worth seeing.


i read it twice this summer. thought the book was excellent. definitely want to see the movie, but i’m nervous it’s not going to compare. i may wait a bit to watch it because i think my wife wants to read it first too.


Havent read the book but I think it is a solid movie. I doubt it will live up to the book, but maybe it will surprise you.