So Xur has Icebreaker

And I’m like 2 coins short D: and I’ve already done up to 26 on the weekly.

Anyone want to attempt to run the weekly 28 strike tonight around 5-7cst? I’m only sitting at 26 so I feel bad being that guy asking…

PSN is Aigid (PS4)

Thanks guys.

Vanargand, I need the weekly heroic strike. If you can find another guy I’ll be happy to do it with you tonight. 29 Titan

I’ll help out if I am around.

Yeah, I’ll see what I can do. Worse comes to worst we can always hit up

if you can wait i’ll prob be on around 12:30am EST tonight and I can solo up to the boss and summon you then we can cheese him

If you still need help by Sat night / Sunday day, I can help. I’m able to solo the nightfall / weekly @ 28, so bringing you along @ 26 shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m sorry, I’d really appreciate it, but life kinda keeps me from staying up late tonight, have an early morning tomorrow.

for anyone interested, found this post on reddit on why ice breaker is a great buy:

tl;dr Theory is that Solar damage will be key in the new raid since solar weapons drop in hard mode VoG (preparing you for next raid). Seeing that Icebreaker is a solar sniper makes it a great purchase.

I can’t wait to get the Icebreaker. Been wanting it for a while, and i have 40 coins saved up.

I am 5 coins shy of getting Ice breaker so I would like to do the weekly heroic at 26 or above. I will be on tonight for a while and most all of tomorrow so hit me up if you want to join or help me :slight_smile:

Real talk: if you can afford this gun, get it.


Well, I’m one coin shy, so I’m up for the level 26 heroic. ING: Tourmalet.

Hey guys, wanna say a huge thank you to @Nubhugs and @Esanman89. We got through it last night and now I’m rocking an icebreaker. Good luck to anyone else trying to get it.

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I’m also looking to do the strikes. I’m at 12 coins, so a lvl 26 weekly should get me what I need.

I finally picked it up too. I’m still getting used to it in PVP, as I kinda suck with sniper rifles.

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