So you want to be a Crafter?!



Hello friends!

Thanks to our friend @marksteele we are bringing back an old formula we used to create a spreadsheet that we relied quite heavily in the summer alpha. I am wanting to bring that back and use it religiously with a few other forms to keep things as structured as possible.

If you would like to craft, please start this form, with T1 for now, and we can update it as we go. This is just to get a rough idea of what we will have people doing, and what we still need done. I plan to show this to our alliance hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday so that we can pick them up where they fall short and they can do the same for us. Please only fill out the application as max of 3 times. Once for primary, once for secondary, and lastly for reserve.

Thank you for your participation!



Really feeling these forms…nice one, Valkyr…:smiley:


This form is too specific. I can’t properly fill it out.

Can one not craft and refine? Refine multiple mats?

I want to primarily refine then craft. I will spend A LOT of time with leathers and secondly with wood. I’d like to focus on tools then leather armors. Let me know how this may fall in to Strats plans.

Delete this if needed.


Erm…yeh…totally. There were from halfway through Alpha. They could still work with a revamp.

It does look good though.


Well here’s the deal Phatal, in alpha we were slightly laxed when it came to crafters. We need specialists, much like the in the real world. Everyone can be a general practitioner, but if you get some eye funk, you have to go to the eye specialist. It will, and has to be much of the same way in Albion or you will not be able to make anything you want to.

Take a look at that video, some of the things require 6,140 learning points ( 2 years) worth of points for just 1 line in the board.


Yes I am going to be a crafter
Yes I am going to be pretty full on about it
No I am not going to fill out a form so I guess I can help ppl when no one else wants too


I cant play as much as needed for a primary crafter so i filled out the Form twice for secondary. If this is for pve guild members at all.


Surely this will change. I find it hard to believe they expect you to wait 2 years for content to be unlocked. If they do expect this I don’t see this game making it long due to frustrated players.


It’s designed for more of a hardcore perspective. I don’t see it changing much, honestly.


I like the fact that the top tiers are so far away…games often lose their lustre when you’ve reached the peak.

We certainly don’t want too many forms adding even more complexity to the game, although the guild does need to know what each member is focussed on. I doubt we’ll have ‘all bases covered’ from the off, so members need to be prepared to adjust their game for the guild, without being expected to make radical changes so they become unhappy with it.
We need one form to cover all the options. Perhaps as a tree with all the weapon/armour choices, and one with all the crafting choices, then everyone need just highlight the options they’ll be taking. If we have too many on one branch then we can ask if someone can refocus their efforts.
Once we know what members are doing, we’ll know what their requests will be.

Don’t ask me to design it though…I’m from the video arcade generation. I have a 20th century brain.


I am planning to learn most of the lower end stuff to help keep the newbies and pve gatherers dressed well. This was discussed ages ago with @Auth as I am going to primarily be a PVEer but if we end up having any jobs that need to be filled, do let me know.